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The global warming myth from Lake Vyrnwy – will the MSM GroupThink apologise now?

Tom Winnifrith
Thursday 27 April 2023

You may remember that last August the Mainstream Media flocked to Lake Vyrnwy, here in North Wales, to show an old village (Llanwyddyn) appearing as the waters fell and, as one, warned that this was a portent of things to come thanks to man made global warming. With data and a site visit I have shown several times on this site what total tosh that was! Now we have the latest data from United Utilities and, well, guess what?

There are 1200 reservoirs in the United Utilities region and across the board capacity levels as at 23 April were 93.7%, down 0.3% on the week. But still well ahead of last year (87.2%) and the average year since records began (90%). In the three English regions we are ahead of last year and the long run average. But what of North Wales, the Dee and Vyrnwy reservoirs?

All of these reservoirs are grouped together but most of the water is in Llyn Tegid (Bala) and Vyrnwy and capacity levels as at the 23rd were 94.1%, up 1.1% on the week. That is streets ahead of last year (88.8%) and only marginally behind the long-term average of 95.9%. We have had more rain this week and there are heavy thunderstorms forecast for next week so we might see levels going higher by early May. Or we may not.

But surely even Prince William is not dumb enough to claim that the data from North Wales is indicative of man made climate change causing droughts?  As such how about the MSM send cameramen up to Vyrnwy to take pictures like those I shot not that long ago like this  and then run apologies for all that fake news last summer?

Don’t hold your breath. As with the coral reefs there is never any correction for when reports of climate change are shown to be cock and thus the population is ever more brainwashed into believing in this bogus religion.

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