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Photo Article from the Welsh Hovel: taking down the Snake Barn, this makes me so happy

Tom Winnifrith
Wednesday 26 July 2023

I am waiting for the village facebook page to have another two minute hate against me for taking down the 1950s iron shed known as the snake barn. “It was part of my childhood, it’s Welsh cultural history, bloody newcomers, it was so much better with the previous owners, blah, blah, blah.” bleats some in-bred sheep shagger. It is callled the snake barn becuase in it I stored some of the vast amounts of asbestos the previous owners had squirrelled away in the sheds and fields here and I want to keep my kids away from that. But now the barn has gone and that means that you can actually see our gorgeous 1600s listed farmhouse as you walk down the lane to our home.

The photos below are before, during and after the removal.  The first also stars Joshua and one of the cats rushing up the lane to greet us as we came back from the school run. The last two are taken from what was once the Jungle, the football pitch sized ahead above the snake barn which is now my vegetable garden. They say that size isn’t important but wait till I show you pictures of some of my marrows!

This morning, I took 3 of the 4 old tyres that were left in the barn to the municipal tip in Wrecsam. The asbestos goes tomorrow, tonnes of metal has been sold, most of the rotting wood left in the barn was burned on bonfire night, the rest will go up in smoke this weekend or will be chopped up by myself and Joshua for winter use. The woodshed is already bulging so I hope that by October we will have about 4 years supply.

The trees at the side of the barn (photo 2) will come down today and I have bought two cherry trees to be planted there instead meaning that cherries will extend from the house all the way up the lane to the far end of the vegetable patch. 

I sit in the kitchen, the nearest ground floor buildding to what was the snake barn and it is already a lighter room making everyone that little bit happier


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