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If 2023 was the warmest year on record how come BOTH ice caps got bigger?

Tom Winnifrith
Saturday 27 January 2024

I have already pointed out elsewhere just how massively bodged was the data used to claim that 2023 was the warmest year on record. The dishonesty of the coalition of cultist loons, big corporate grifters and the media and political class GroupThink is not new.  But here belowe two charts covering the extent of sea ice at both ends of the planet andI challenge any global warming nutter to explain to me how, if the world just suffered its hottest year for 170 years, the sea ice at the North Pole ended the year at a greater level than any year since 2019 and also above several years since 1981. Meanwhile …down South

We see ice at just below the interquartile range and way above both of the previous two years. Now surely if we have just seen the warmest year on record you would expect an ice retreat to below 2022 levels yet at both Poles 2023 saw ice far greater than in 2022. Surely that would need colder weather? For what it is worth the gap seems to be widening as we go into January. Right now up at the US air base at Thule in Northern Greenland it is minus 28 degrees or minus 46 degrees with the windchill. Oooh Greta the Doom Goblin, feel that global warming as you mark Holocaust Memorial Day by marching for Hamas.

I make no specifoc claims about this but maybe someone at the BBC’s Verify Unit or another member of the Group Think can explian why the warmest year on record saw such a prodigious increase in sea ice?


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