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Was this the worst #HolocaustMemorialDay tweet from a Politician? David Eby the premier of British Columbia

Tom Winnifrith
Monday 29 January 2024

In my podcast on Saturday I discussed how folks like Sadiq Khan, Brighton Council and that poltroon who is running Scotland into the ground gave extensive comment about Holocaust Memorial Day without using the J word. Yes, let’s not show any sympathy for the Jews and talk about Srebrenica instead.  To be fair Brighton Council has now apologised. But it has not disciplined the person responsible. Words are cheap. The tweet was sent with intent and whoever sent it should be fired. Actions are what count. Over in the Socialist hell hole that is Canada, the top politician in British Columbia went further. His tweet, as you can see below is abhorrent.

Faced with howls of protest, Eby then withdrew the tweet. But who sent it: Him or a staffer? Whoever did has no right to dine on a taxpayer funded salary. But will anyone be fired? Of course not. When you are racist and offensive towards Jews the worst that can happen is that you apologise and then you move on. In the context of offending Jews Never Again means just until the next time.


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