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D Day: The BBC and others are rewriting history

Tom Winnifrith
Thursday 6 June 2024

The BBC’s Radio 4 is going overboard on D Day coverage. Quite right too.  This is an 80 year anniversary of of the key and most glorious events in British history. But that history is being rewritten.

I noted last year about how the nation which liberated Auschwitz, Russia, was excluded from events there while the nation that provided most guards, after Germany, that is to say Ukraine, was present

Radio 4’s Today programme reports that D-Day “turned the tide of the war.” It did not. Germany was losing and had been losing since late 1942 as its troops in Stalingrad became cut off and doomed. From that point Russia had been advancing rapidly across Eastern Europe and with, or without, D Day it would have conquered all of Germany eventually. Given time it would have liberated France too. 

Clearly Russia’s combat with Germany meant there were fewer Krauts to fight the Allies in France and D-Day took Krauts away from the eastern Front.  But D-Day did not turn the tide of the war.

In Normandy, President Zelensky will be present as one of the victorious powers. Oddly a good number of the triips defending the beaches 80 years ago were from the Ostlegionen, Nazis from Eastern Europe including, er Ukraine.  The Russians are not invited to the D-Day celebrations.

Let’s not kid ourselves, this is fake history. I know why we are being served up fake history but if our kids are to learn anything they need to know the truth.

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