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The “Far Right” wins in Europe, blame Nigel Farage: translating what the bien pensants mean with this slur

Tom Winnifrith
Monday 10 June 2024

By Far Right, or as they sometimes put it Fascist, they mean anyone who questions the narrative that record immigration creates diversity, wealth and is a wholly good thing, who believes that there is no shame in being proud of your nation state and its past or that there are not 108 genders and that our kids should not be sexualised at primary school. If you dare question man made global warming, giving unlimited and unquestioning support to Ukraine or suggest that the reaction to covid was overblown you may also be deemed far right or a fascist. So who do I mean by “they”?

It is the BBC, the Guardian, almost everybody in the Labour Party and the SNP, anyone teaching or studying liberal arts at one of our failing Universities, the Church of England.  You know who I mean.

Whenever a party that is deemed far right does well in an election the reaction from “they” is always the same: blame Farage and his ilk. For their “crime” is to suggest, for instance, that we should discuss how to reduce immigration for “they” insist that it is discussing immigration that prompts folks to vote for those who might want it restricted who are, by definition, far right. As if not discussing it would mean that everybody was absolutely delighted by all the new arrivals and buy an exytra copy of the Guardian as the waited to get aselfie with Keir Starmer.

It does not dawn on “they” that folks across Europe are voting for folks like Farage or Madame Le Pen precisely because ordinary folks really are concerned by matters such as immigration or their kids having to face prancing drag queens in school and they can see that despite election time occasional promises to tackle such matters, the establishment never actually does anything.

Because not only the left but weedy centrist conservatives like Rishi Sunak are either happy with what is going on or are terrified of being branded as racist or homophobic they generally say or do nothing about tackling these matters.  In 2024 you cannot discuss these issues unless you agree with the set narrative as defined by the BBC. Even questioning that narrative is not allowed. And that is why, in despair, folks end up votng for Le Pen, Farage and their parties.

Europe swerved to the right in the EU poll. Instead of addressing why folks voted as they did, it is so much simpler just to say Farage, Le Pen et al are all ghastly racists and its all their fault. And so it continues. Expect four more weeks of this bilge from all of the mainstream parties and the media but will it have any effect. As my pal Dominic Frisby puts it we are all far right now. 


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