Friday Caption Contest (on Sunday) – Conservative 2015 Election Triumph Strategy Edition

Tom Winnifrith Sunday 3 February 2013


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Apologies for the delay in the Friday caption contest – it is all Zak Mir’s fault.

I really cannot think of anything particularly important to prompt tasteless caption entries this week and so fall back on the issue which George Osborne says will be at the heart of the next Tory manifesto and which is guaranteed to bring the faithful back to the Conservative fold.

As you know, I would allow gay marriage. But I cannot say that it is the number one issue on my mind right now. The way that the Tory party is tearing itself apart with half its MPs revealing themselves as knuckleheaded bigots while the other half show themselves as being even more out of touch by making this such a number one priority is almost comical. If the Tories are to tear themselves apart at least they could do it over something that matters like the EU or the fact that Britain is going bankrupt.

Anyhow, to win an “It’s time to leave” T-shirt please post your captions in the comments box below (Jon Pickles, this has to be an easy Prince Harry one for you)

You can, of course, buy your own It’s Time to Leave T-shirt, hoodie, mug or thermos flask here.

For what it is worth my entry is:

Following the success of imposing Louise Mensch on Corby, Call Me Dave introduces his three new A-List candidates for winnable marginal rural seats, claiming from his Notting Hill mansion that the Conservative Party really does understand village people

Last week I asked you for entries to this picture in our Shipston on Stour special. No entries sadly from Labour Councillor Comrade Kenner as his humour would no doubt have dazzled us all. I was minded to award the prize to Donalgarth for:

Big interest shown as queue forms for viewing, after house in sheep street is put on the market by owners evil son!

However, the independent judge has awarded the prize to a late entry from the same evil son for:

News spreads quickly in Sofia that Ryanair is now taking bookings for its January flights…

I am sorry, we cannot argue with the independent judge. Try and impress him this time and post your entries for this week’s entries below.

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