Report from the Greek Hovel Number 10 – Time to go to the Sea and a Greek Kilometre

Tom Winnifrith Tuesday 15 July 2014


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I have yet to fix up my hosepipe based shower – that is a job for this evening. And as such after three days in the hovel I arrived at the conclusion that I must be rather dirty, not to say smelly. As such, noting that a sign just outside Kambos says beach 5.5 kilometres I ventured off for an early morning swim.

A Greek kilometre is rather different to a standard kilometre, that is to say 1000 metres. When the sign says 5.5 kilometres that means anything between 3 kilometres and nine kilometres. Just treat what the sign says as a very rough guide. And thus after about nine kilometres  I hit the sea and removed my West Ham 2005-2006 “We are Premiership” T-shirt, celebrating Bobby Zamora’s magnificent 57th minute winner against Preston in the play-off final.  I then dipped my toes in.

The Mediterranean is a lot colder than I remember and I found myself standing in no—man’s land up to my trunks in water but not brave enough to make the plunge. Had I not been feeling quite so smelly I think I would have stepped back but needs must, I took the plunge. Well it was refreshing. And I do now feel clean and find myself sitting in a restaurant by the sea in the tiny and unspoilt village of Kitries. It is almost 10 AM and the only living beings here are myself, an adorable cat and its incredibly adorable kitten which is currently trying and failing to get onto a chair.

Sadly the cats do not know the Wi-Fi password and so I must move on to Kalamata to write and to try and get assistance on getting the Mi-Fi box for the hovel to work. Jeepers – Mimi’s fish restaurant has opened its doors. Coffee and Wi-Fi please!

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