Open Letter: Dear Cenkos – A statement needed NOW regarding your fraudulent client Quindell

Tom Winnifrith Tuesday 25 November 2014


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I have this morning tried to shake off the most almighty of hangovers caused by the Quenron (QPP) celebrations of last night, by penning an open letter to Cenkos, Nomad ((pro tem) to the fraud Quindell. Cenkos needs to force Quindell to make a statement now regarding margin calls that Rob Terry, Larry Moorse and Steve Scott must be facing.

Their loan agreements with Equities First Holdings LLC which allowed them to dump vast amounts of shares pretending that they were buying have a default clause agreement which means that if the Quenron share price falls below a certain point the three crooks, I mean directors, must either default, hand over more shares to Equities First or hand over cash.  I am sure that they will go for option two (handing over more worthless shares) which Equities First will then dump. But investors need to know this information and need to know now. Hence the letter to Cenkos which natch I have cc’d in to AIM Regulation and the market abuse team at the FCA. It reads.

Dear Sirs.

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