Saturday January 20, 2018
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I am officially a friend of Albania at last – Madlands, Murderlands on the way

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- Tom Winnifrith

You may remember that I was evicted from the LinkedIn Friends of Greece Group for saying that Albania was a better value holiday destination than poor old Greece. This mortified me, as a long standing Hellenophile, but I know when I am not welcome and so two months ago applied to join the LinkedIn Friends of Albania group. This morning, in a frightening display of efficiency my application has finally been accepted.

I see that the trending discussion is on how to combat drug and alcohol abuse in Tirana. I am ready to contribute my two lekke worth.

I wonder how many other folks on LinkedIn are Friends of Albania but also participate actively in the Friends of Israel and West Ham United supports groups. I suspect that a Venn diagram of these groupings would show me all by myself but if there are any bubble blowing Zionists out there in Tirana who want to strike up a dialogue, I am here now.

Meanwhile another e-book heads towards the production line from Tom Winnifrith. Not me but the silver surfer himself, my father. Following on from the classic “Badlands Borderlands, a history of Southern Albania and Northern Epirus” the follow up “Madlands, Murderlands, a history of Northern Albania” is on its way. It should be available for purchase at a bargain £9.99 before Christmas and covers the period 1200 BC (the fall of Troy) to 2012. King Zog was from Northern Albania and it is the area known for blood feuds. But you knew that already. My father loves the country and having worked with him over the weekend on a short article on this topic I know that this will be a rip roaring read.

Historically I buy relatives and folks like Jim Mellon a Yarg cheese for Christmas. This year there may be an alternative…


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