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The ISIS fighters have a spot of bother with Aids - oh dear

Tom Winnifrith
Thursday 25 June 2015

An ISIS recruit from Indonesia turnned up in downtown Raqqa fully aware that he carried the AIDS virus but bei ng a good fellow he promptly donated blood to assist any of his comrades injured in battle.  It appears that at least one of his fellow Islamofascists, an Egyptian, has now gone down with early stage Aids and he has also infected his 15 year old Yazidi sex slave.

Given the share and share alike spirit of ISIS at least two Saudi fighters were also allowed to rape the 15 year old, all in the name of Islam, Allah be praised, and they too are now infected. Who else have they raped and how far has the virus spread? We shall never know becuase it appears that a very senior commander also raped the 15 year old, all in the name of Islam, Allah be praised, and thus the enquiry has been terminated.

One feels terribly sorry for the poor Yazidi girl her fate has been appalling. The Indonesian has now had his head chopped off by ISIS in a public execution. As for all the others they are dying. It is terribly hard to feel any sympathy for these monsters. Aids is a terrible disease and you wish it on nobody but if somebody has to catch it....

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