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So what if David Cameron smoked pot at Oxford? I really worry about those that did not

Tom Winnifrith
Thursday 24 September 2015

It now seems pretty clear that Call Me Dave did not stick his todger in a dead pig while at University but did smoke pot. So did I. On one occasion in a lavatory with a future Labour female cabinet minister in the days before she became a dreary sanctimonius bore. As far as I can remember the only folks who did not smoke pot were the religious maniacs and the thoroughly dull boatie health Nazis.

That Cameron acted like more or less every other student perhaps shows that he is perhaps just a bit more normal than most of the arseholes in politics. In a way I’d rather have a Prime Minister who has been a normal human being at one point in his life rather than some humourless wonk who lectures us all about how we should live while never having lived a normal life himself.

It is also alleged that Call Me Dave attended a party in London in 2008 where folks hoovered up cocaine. The traces of coke in London’s sewerage system are far higher than in any other Western City. Large numbers of Londoners appear to take coke almost all the time. As such, unless you are the sort of person who never goes to parties, almost every Londoner under 50 must have attended some bash or other where folks were on the Charlie.

I remember a dotcom party back in 2000 with Peter Mandelson attending where coke was being used – not by myself or Mandy I must stress.  Which do I try to forget? Being in the same room as some cokeheads or being in the same room as Mandelson?  It is of course the latter but neither is a crime it is just a fact of life living in London. One day you will end up in a party with someone getting high on Blairis or Kool-aid Britannia.

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