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Five Photos of Women Role Models to Infuriate hypocrite feminists on International Womens day

Tom Winnifrith
Tuesday 8 March 2016

Living with a Guardian reading sociology lecturer I need no reminding that it is International Women's day. Natch I gave the Mrs a thankful pay on the backside after she cooked my breakfast and reminded her that my new West Ham top was a bit dirty and that she should not forget it when putting the clothes wash on. But how to celebrate this great event? With some photos of women from around the world who show that there are no glass ceilings, who demonstrate how powerful women can be, who are role models for our daughters and who will infuriate every feminist in town. Let's start with some athletes.

How about the best paid female athlete in the world? Oh, what you mean she has been a 10 year drug cheat and has just got banned from playing tennis. Poor Maria Sharapova. Hmmmmmm maybe we should look outside sports?

How about in politics? Aha I can see that the feminists are foaming as they await a picture of Mrs Clinton. But as it happens I'd want my daughter to look up to a woman who got to the top on her own merit rather than on the coat-tails of her scumbag Husband, and who was not a serial liar/insider dealer and supporter of welfare addiction. My second photo is theregore of Britain's greatest ever Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher who worked her way up from humble origins fighting snobbery as well as sexism and got to the top on merit alone.

It is sad that in some parts of the world women's rights have headed backwards over the past three decades. Women are deprived of education, forced to cover up and in some cases sold as sex slaves in the Middle East.

But some women are fighting back, putting their lives on the line every day to ensure there is a tolerant, open, democratic society where women and other minorities have full rights. I refer, of course, to the brave women who fight alongside the men within the Israeli Defence Forces. Come on liberals, what is your problem with these uber-feminists fighting the forces of reaction?

Finally, how about a tribute to a best selling female author who once again shows that it is the hard working, gun owning Conservatives who have all the best lines. Yup, on International Women's day who couldn't be in love with Ann Coulter.

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