President Obama vs Pixie Lott: who do I believe on Brexit? Natch its Pixie

Tom Winnifrith Monday 14 March 2016


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You might think that pop singer Pixie Lott is just another brainless airhead. Au contraire. Apparently she got straight A's at GCSE despite having to record her first album at the same time and thus she can probably tell President Obama all about events in 1776 which the American leader seems to have forgotten all about.

Back then, the folks in the USA resented bitterly being ruled by an empire over the water. They did not like a man for whom they had not voted ( As Ms Lott knows I refer to George 3rd) stiffing them with taxes which exceded expenditure in the colonies or imposing a lot of unwanted new rules and regulations. And thus the Americans declared their independence.

With no sense of irony, George 3rd, sorry I meant President Obama is planning to fly to the UK to lecture us on why we must vote against Brexit and not enjoy our own independence day on June 23rd. Obama can fuck right off. His intervention is as unwanted as that of the French and German Governments but as with that of the other pro EU campaigner the war criminal Blair, I cannot see anyone reacting positively to his comments.

Instead next month also sees the Brexit campaigners, the outers, reaching out to young people with "rock for Brexit" concert. One can just imagine the crusty old reactionaries at UKIP asking "who is Miss Pixie Lott?" as crusty old Judges once enquired "who are the Beatles?" Times move on.

Who do I believe in Obama (with staight E's at Leading the free world) vs Pixie (with straight A's at GCSE) contest? Natch George 3rd has been wrong on nearly every issue for the past eight years and so I stand with Pixie. Indeed upon reflection perhaps one can interpret her classic "Nasty" as an allegory of Britain's abusive relationship with the EU, it is just that finally Pixie wants to ignore the sexy smile and say NO as the EU really is N-A-S-T-Y!

Come on, just do it, uh
Do it, uh
Do it till you're good and tired

I was sitting all alone, yeah
A lot on my mind
I felt a tap on my shoulder
And I rolled my eyes
I wasn't in the mood for another man
Telling me lies
But how can a girl say no
When you flash that sexy smile?

And you say
"Uh huh, ay hey
Want to see you get nasty
Want to see you shake it down, babe"

N-A-S-T-Y, you're nasty
But baby, I don't mind
I love the way you're talking nasty
You know you're just my type

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