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Liberal Luvvie Glenn Close explains Angry America & Trump - I blame BOTH the Presidents Bush

Tom Winnifrith
Sunday 20 March 2016

If a multi-millionaire luvvie from Hollywood is in London then the liberal British Media just has to give them airtime and column inches to slam Donald Trump. The luvvies all hate Trump but each comes up with different ludicrous reasons to slate him. Today it was Glenn Close, plugging her latest London stage show, who showed what an airhead she is, thanks to the Marr Show on BBC1.

Marr started with a really tough question. If Trump becomes President I know that many Americans wil think about emigrating you do know that London would be very welcome don't you? Close laughed. Perhaps she remembered all those millionaire US liberals who promised to leave the land of the free if Reagan, George HW and George W Bush won the presidency. Oddly none of them ended up heading off to socialist sink holes like Canada and Europe back then, but this time they really are serious. Honest.

Marr then asked why Americans were angry and voting for Trump given how strongl;y the American economy was growing and how well off America is. Close did not point out that the growth in wealth excludes the young ( not enjoying the asset bubble in Real Esatate) and also the flyover states, the rust belt, the farming states. Close did not point out how veterans coming back minus limbs from pointless wars are not enjoying the benefit.

That is because luvvies like Close dont go to or care about the flyover states. That is because the kids of luvvies dont get sent to war, that is for poor folks kids. So Close just accepted the basic premis of Andrew Marr. She knows America is gettig angrier and blames "The Presidents Bush". She singled out President George HW for introducing negative TV ads to election campaigns. Clearly this has caused a nation to be enraged in 2016 even though the older Bush left office in 1993 (23 years ago) after losing the General Election of 1992 having served one term in office.

The idea that negative campaign ads in 1992 has made America angry after a 24 year germination in 2016 is daft. Close also blames the younger Bush ( President 2000-2008) for making Americam angry - the germination is just eight years old worth this time.

Marr, naturally did not challenge this patent nonsense. His initial question shows he loathes Trump too. As such when the British liberal media meets a Hollywood liberal luvvie facts cease to matter, lets just bash Trump with bonus points for a spot of Bush bashing.

Meanwhile keep paying your license fee to the BBC for such balanced commentary.

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