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Brexit Project Fear lies: Nick Clegg serves up a whopper, even better than his student fees gag

Tom Winnifrith
Monday 11 April 2016

Nick Clegg, the name rings a bell, didn't he used to be an MP? Apparently he still is and today he sent me a strong email telling me why I must vote to stay in the EU. The last time I remember Nick Clegg telling me I had to vote urgently it was to stop tuition fees for students. Can anyone remember how that one played out?

This time Nick says that I must vote to stay in the EU to ensure we still have low cost air travel in Europe. Apparently if Britain leaves the EU the low cost airlines say that "routes will be cut" and "prices will skyrocket."

Really? Can Mr Clegg find the quote that proves the low cost airlines saying prices will "skyrocket"? He will struggle, one suspects.

There is a good reason why this will not appen. If UK based low cost airlines hike prices post Brexit - though there is no reason why they should as their costs will not go up - airlines such as Norwegian Air (voted Europe's best low cost airline last year despite being based outside the EU) will just hoover up market share. Having just checked Norwegian Air I see that its rates to Athens from Gatwick are really very good indeed.

As to closing routes? Will Michael O'Leary close a route where there are a lot of passengers and he is making loads of profits for Ryanair? You must be kidding.

Nick Clegg is just making this up for Project Fear. Now about those student fees. Maybe Mr Clegg can remind me what happened about them?

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