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My #4Demands - not quite what the workshy, money tree worshipping People's Assembly want

Tom Winnifrith
Tuesday 19 April 2016

The British people voted for a Tory Government last year but those on the left reckon they were cheated. First past the post works fine when the left win but when the wicked & evil Tories win we need electoral reform. Whatever. So now we face a group called The People's Assembly which is marching today, making #4demands. It claims to speak for the people but has an agenda the Britsih people rejected overwhelmingly.

Charlotte Church, Russell Brand, Owen Jones, Jeremy Corbyn and a host of other millionaires will be there . I will not. It is one of the benefits of not living in London that I get to avoid contact with those sort of champagne socialists and thousands of bone idle smelly and lazy folks from the non-productive sectors who think everyone else should fund a society based on entitlements.

I am sure that we have our share of such deluded folk here in Bristol but thankfully they have all gone on a middle class outing to London today: "Rah, rah, rah we're going to smash the Tories, rah rah rah let the Syrians come here (but not to my street natch)" they shout before asking the person next to them "Don't I know you from somewhere? Was it Tuscany last summer or were we at Cambridge together?"

Anyhow, Bristol is a better place for it today. Tough luck if you live in London.

#4demands is now trending on twitter with those on the right chipping in with their own #4demands such as:

rustinpeace ‏@rustinpeace00
1. Work for a living
2. Stop ruining London with futile marches
3. Wash, regularly
4. Stop encouraging Charlotte Church


Devonboy ‏@Toryboy1960 48m48 minutes ago
1 Get a job
2 Turn up to work
3 Stop demanding more of MY money
4 Stop giving NHS, education, housing resources to immigrants.

So what are your #4demands? For what it is worth mine are?

1. Boycott the Guardian for tax avoidance
2. Privatise the BBC
3. Workfare not welfare
4. A 98% supertax for Russell Brand, Charlotte Church & Kirtsy Wark only

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Tom Winnifrith is the editor of When he is not harvesting olives in Greece, he is (planning to) raise goats in Wales.
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