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Kids with thick left wing parents suffer a double whammy on #Kidsstrike3rdMay

Tom Winnifrith
Saturday 7 May 2016

Around 40,000 kids are not going to school today because their stupid left wing parents have instructed them to go on strike. The overpaid and lazy teachers, no doubt delighted that they have even less work to do as they look forward to their ten week summer hols, support the strike. Who suffers from #Kidsstrike3rdMay and why?

Of course it is the kids who suffer since they have one day less of being taught all about global warming killing all the polar bears and why we must stay in the European Union because its racist not to do so, as well as a few minutes of learning the three Rs.

If its not bad enough that your parents read the Guardian and fill your impressionable young minds with crap at home, now these poor souls are also being deprived of what passes for a State education as well.

Apparently the strike is in protest at the imposition of new SAT tests by the wicked Tories which, it is claimed, are stressing out the youth of today. The evil Tories have spent too much time listening to evil capitalist employers complaining about how younger folk cant read and write and not enough time noticing how everyone gets 27 A*s at GCSE. And so they want more tests for the kids which is stressing out the poor lambs as well as the over-stressed and underpaid teachers.

Of course it is all the fault of Thatcher. Or perhaps these days lefties just blame it all on the Jews. Whatever.... as a rule of thumb if a Guardian reading teacher tells you something is good you just know that it is very bad indeed.

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