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David Cameron tells the truth and is panned...he should stick to lying

Tom Winnifrith
Tuesday 10 May 2016

Yesterday Dodgy Dave claimed that leaving the EU increased the risk of World War Three. That was a slam dunk 100% lie and some people pointed that out but on the whole he got an easy ride.

Today David Cameron was revealed to have said that Nigerian and Afghanistan are corrupt. Well that is not an opinion that is a fact. According to Transparency International only 16% of the world's countries are more corrupt than Nigeria while Afghanistan is ranked as among the top 1% for corruption. It is in a neck and neck race to be the most corrupt country on this planet.

Naturally the UK gives both countries oodles of aid to be stolen. International aid is as ever money taken from poor people in rich countries to give to rich people in poor countries.

Back in airstrip one, for telling the truth Cameron was widely slated. Some said that he was being undiplomatic, others thought that he was culturally insensitive. It is only a matter of time before the Guardian accuses him of slam dunk racism.

The moral of the story? Simple, Call Me Dave should keep out of trouble by telling only lies. Telling the truth just does not seem to be doing him any good at all.

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