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New poll again shows UK liberal media 100% wrong on Trump as GOP voters unite, Dems splinter, the Donald gets record traction with non-whites

Tom Winnifrith
Monday 23 May 2016

The liberal British media could not get enough Republicans to go on camera saying how they's rather suck Bill Clinton's cock than vote for Donald Trump. Inside the bubble that is Washington DC, folks like Kylie "beltway" Morris of C4 news span the narrative again and again that the GOP would splinter and not back Trump and so he could not win. As such the latest polls show at every level that Kylie et al really just cannot get this contest any more wrong.

The headline is a good place to start on the latest ABC/Washington News poll. Trump is on 46%, crooked Hillary is on 44%. Yes Trump is winning. But its the breakdown that is more fascinating.

What percentage of Republicans who did not vote for Trump in the primaries will vote for Hillary in the General? It is just 11% ( down from 20% in March). So 11% of c40% of GOP voters are backing crooked Hillary - that would be just over 4%. The rest are backing The Donald. that looks like a pretty united party to me with pretty much everyone bar Mitt Romney, and the effete Country Club Republicans who lead the party to electoral disaster in the past two contests, backing Trump.

But over with the Dems it is rather different. 20% of those who backed crackpot Bernie Sanders in the primaries ( up from 10% in March) now plan to back Trump in the General. Given that mad Bernie has been polling at close to 50% overall (he has actually won 14 of the last 18 primaries) that implies that 10% of the Dems are voting for Trump and the number is rising. Actually it is even worse than that, in that 8% of Dems who voted for Clinton in the primaries (up from 2% in March) are voting for Trump in the General (the vice versa is 0% by the way) and so it seems as if 14% of Dems ( and rising fast) are now backing The Donald.

So beltway Kylie and colleagues which party is divided? Repeat after me...Trump has united the Republicans, the Democrats are splintering.

With Trump increasingly uniting GOP voters and pulling increasing numbers of Dems as well as being 48/35 up against independents ( having been 48/39 down in March) whose failure to unite is suggesting electoral meltdown? It must be really hard for a member of the liberal media establishment to say something about the Queen of the liberal political establishment but crooked Hillary is in a real mess.

And while Kylie gets ready to explain to C4 viewers why she has got this aspect so disastrously wrong perhaps she'd also care to explain why she said that racist Trump could not win because non whites thought he was er...racist. The latest poll shows that among non white voters Trump is losing 21% to 69%. That may not sound great but despite the barrage of smears from the beltway liberals Trump is up 2% since March and Clinton down 4%.

And to put this in perspective, a 21% vote among non whites would be the biggest share of the non white vote gained by a Republican since Nixon got 35% back in 1960. And that, of course, was an era when many Southern blacks voted for the party of Lincoln while their white Democrat (Dixiecrat) congressmen and senators railed against Civil Rights.

The bottom line, as I have noted before,is that Trump is reaching out to non whites in a way that no Republican has ever done in the modern era. He is scoring better among non whites than all the GOP victorious candidates of the modern era: Nixon 13% & 12%, Reagan 10% and 13%, and Bush 18%. Post Bush senior polls tend to split Latinos and blacks but its clear the GOP took a caning each year until now when it is on 21% and rising. When do you think Kylie and the rest of the British media are going to report that?

The snearing and ludicrously unbalanced coverage of Trump from beltway Kylie and her colleagues may well go down well with viewers of C4 News or the British Middle classes who like to regard Trump as all that is worst about vulgar right wing America. But, at a factual level of actually reporting what has been going on in America, the coverage has been dire from the start. It has ignored facts and replaced analysis with smear.

By talking only to others cocooned inside the beltway the British press has utterly misread the mood music of America today and it continues to do so. As such it does the British people no great service.

Perhaps C4 and others might consider some personnel changes as the current staff roster is making them look increasingly ridiculous. Or perhaps C4 and the pack will stick to what they do best: liberal smears and getting the facts wrong.

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