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Theresa May - I thought you were a Tory?

Tom Winnifrith
Tuesday 12 July 2016

Jeepers this is confusing: listening and watching Theresa May yesterday I was told that she has just become leader of the Conservative Party and will be our next Tory Prime Minister. So why was she sounding like a socialist but also a peddler of bogus religion? If this is the best the Tories can offer then, to quote a real Tory Margaret Thatcher, There IS No Alternative. TINA says it is time to quit and emigrate.

It is not that Mrs May is already speaking weasel words on Brexit. She states Brexit means Brexit but then waffles on about how we may have to accept certain things to get free trade. Mrs May we voted for full on Brexit, not Brexit light.

It was not the quasi evangelical clap trap about how "we will bring this country together": Rich and Poor, North & South, Men & Women, Black & White, Welshman & Sheep, etc, etc etc. Well thank you very much Mrs Oxbridge Educated May with your millionaire husband. Men and women are not divided and the other divides you mention are largely creations of the media bubble.

The real gap in this country is between the establishment, those in the political, media and big business elite with their pals the banksters and the rest of us. That is a gap Theresa cannot mention explicitly as she and her fellow Tory MPs are almost entirely on one side of that divide. At least Andrea Loathsome made a pretence of recognising this division.

Of course there is a comfortable middle class, mostly on a bloated state payroll. The value of their houses has gone up so they don't care but the rest of us are screwed. In yesterday's woeful analysis, May talked about how going forward she wanted to see increasing wealth and prosperity more equally divided. But she thinks mistakenly that there has been an increase in wealth since 2008. There has been an asset bubble which has benefitted the rich establishment big time and the middle class to a lesser extent but has left out vast swathes of society. And while public sector professionals have got decent pay rises - or bumper rewards for the greedy junior doctors - the working classes and lower classes have been screwed as there has not been any real wealth created by the private sector and what wealth has been created has not trickled down. May seems incapable of distinguishing between real wealth creation ( businesses making profits, hiring more, paying more out of profits not from borrowings) and asset bubbles.

And her solution? A new Government Industrial policy. In the old days Conservatives believed that the private sector created jobs and wealth but Theresa May seems to think the Government needs to meddle so we will now have workers on boards, restrictions on CEO pay, etc. It sounds just like Hollande's France and look how well that is working out for the Froggies.

Mrs May, here is a real Conservative:

Of course the loathsome bunch of overpaid parasites that are the Conservative Parliamentary Party lapped it up. Very few of them actually have real world experience and none of them live outside that bubble of the Westminster establishment. They all own property, assisted by taxpayer subsidy, so the asset bubble has been good news for them.

Mrs May's analysis was woeful and she offers no hope for Britain just platitudes. Its David Cameron with a skirt on. On the basis of yesterday's claptrap, the anger towards the establishment and figures such as Theresa May felt my large swathes of Britain who feel left out and cheated will only continue to grow.

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