Nice - the BBC really does not want to say the obvious: It was ISIS which did it

Tom Winnifrith Friday 15 July 2016


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Somehow I managed to work out how to tune my father's TV onto the BBC News Channel. Newsnight had been too busy bashing the Tories to give more than a brief mention to a story that broke before it went on air and which now leaves almost 80 people lying dead in France. Sof dozens of dead froggies, lets remind ourselves again how across the world liberal media pundits think Boris Johnson is frightful. The interweb was miles ahead of the Beeb's flagship show once again but over on the news channel there was now full coverage.

I went to sleep at 1.30 AM by which time the BBC had at least accepted that it was not an accident ( circa midnight) and was most definitely a terrorist attack. Jeepers you don't say. One Belgian terrorism expert had stated the bleeding obvious that it was an attack by ISIS but the BBC itself was making no such claims instead insisting that we have no idea who was responsible.

Hmmm. The wicked Jews? a crazed member of the American Religious Right inspired by Donald Trump and assisted by US gun laws? Boris Johnson and some Brexit whacko? We know who the BBC must have wanted it to be and I am sure some liberals will find some way of linking in the parties named above and blaming them in some way. But surely even round at Pravda they must have known at once that the killers were from the self styled "Religion of Peace".

The statement "the vast majority of Moslems are nothing to do with acts of mass terror committed in the World today but the vast majority of acts of mass terror committed in the world today are by Moslems" is a statement of fact. It is simply the truth and in stating it one does not become anti Moslem one just shows that you can accept the sad reality that a tiny percentage of Moslems are following a twisted bastardised form of their religion which would horrify Muhammad and involves wholesale butchery of the innocents.

But it is a statement that folks round at the BBC or the Guardian cannot accept as being true because in some crazy way they think it makes them sound racist. And that can make the news coverage that the liberal left serves up just toe curlingly inadequate and embarrassing. Re-running interviews with a chap who happened to be near the scene which really were not that interesting the first time let alone on the the fifth take or showing the same video footage eight times as if it was fresh each time, is no substitute for analysis which is prepared to accept an inevitable truth.

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