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Ansbach: Dragging the truth about Islamist terrorists from the German Rozzers

Tom Winnifrith
Monday 25 July 2016

Having done their best to cover up the gang rapes and sex attacks in Cologne on New Year's Eve, I cannot see why anyone believes a word the German rozzers have to say on anything. After Ansbach I am going to double up on that assertion. One thing the German Plod is good at is ordering us not to speculate. It sends out tweets after each atrocity ordering us not to be so reckless. Good Germans obey orders, but the Police are keen to do the opposite and speculate about anything other than what we all knew to be the truth in the first place.

And so with the Ansbach suicide bomb we progressed thus: gas explosion, bomb, victim a Moslem immigrant, suicide bomb, killer (still a victim at the BBC) not an islamist just had psychiatric issues and happened by pure chance to be a Moslem, not an islamist just happened to be a Moslem but a lone wolf and it turns out that he had pledged allegiance to ISIS after all.

Finally Plod admits the ghastly truth. Up to a few hours before we got to stage three the BBC could happily say it was not terrorism and could even speculate about right wing extremists. Now we have confirmed as the truth what most folks suspected all along about Ansbach . Now we can ask fair questions about the culprit was let into Germany and why - having had his asylum claims rejected, he was not booted out. After four acts of terror in Germany in less than a week, all committed by Moslems, is there a common link we might examine? Er.....

Will the BBC, the German rozzers, the Guardian and other deluded lefties finally accept that the statement below is not a racist remark but a statement of fact:

"Almost all Moslems will never wish to commit an act of terror in Europe. Almost all acts of terror in Europe are being committed by Moslems."

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