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Heading to the shop with my New University Rafia Bag - as least its not the Sociology Association One

Tom Winnifrith
Wednesday 3 August 2016

Jeepers!. Folks must have thought I was a deluded lefty as the Mrs sent me off to Sainsbury's with a rafia bag emblazoned with the name and logo of her "new" university on it, so as not to use any plastic bags. It could have been worse, the Mrs does have one from a recent conference she attended. It boasts the emblem of "The British Sociology Association." It might as well say "mad middle class Guardian reading lunatic."

At least if I meet any comrades from the Labour party it might continue to fool them that I am as barking as the rest of them and not a closet Tory4Corbyn or indeed Tory for any other lunatic who will lead the People's Party to Destruction. Actually on that note my local MP, the nutso Kerry McCarthy has invited me out in Bristol tonight.

Despite being mad as a nest of snakes herself, telling folks that meat eaters were as evil as smokers and should be treated accordingly, Comrade McCarthy is backing Owen Smith to be leader having quit Comrade Corbyn's front bench where, improbably, she spoke for him on farming. What else would this vegan extremist be speaking on in the Labour asylum?

Kerry wants me to come and hear Owen Smith and warns me I ashould book early to avoid disappointment. I bet that even nutso McCarthy can't say that with a streight face, Comrade Smith's rallies so far have been so badly attended he could have held them in a telephone box and there would still have been standing room at the back.

Anyhow, back to the bags the Mrs foists on me. I do my best to ensure that no-one thinks I am a lefty by wearing either a Mark Steyn or a Ron Paul T-shirt but I sense that in this rather traditional part of Bristol such statements are rather lost on most folks.

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