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Russell Square - just why are the Police NOT telling us one key fact

Tom Winnifrith
Thursday 4 August 2016

Yesterday's news was all about how the Metropolitan Police is dressing up more and more of its officers to look like RoboCop to keep us all safe. Remind me, what was the name of that Brazilian chappie the Met shot dead for no good reason? If you trust the State you would have been reassured until about 10.30 PM when reports came in of a stabbing in Russell Square in the heart of the capital: 1 dead, five injured.

The fuzz tazered a man and by 2.30 AM a Met spokesman was on camera saying that while the anti terrorist unit were involved the clear steer was that the killer had mental health issues. Jeepers after just four hours they knew that, how impressive. But they still, and it is now 10.30 AM, do not know his name or his background. Or perhaps they are not releasing those facts. 

I wonder why that is? This is not the way that the Police will make me trust them any more than I do now. The people of Britain are not complete idiots and will not respond to the Met's PR spin after this latest attack in the summer of hate.

Meanwhile the liberal media is going gangbusters with the mental health issue narrative despite not being told the killer's name or background. All of a sudden perennial Police bashers just trust the fuzz. We saw the same game play out in Ansbach and Nice. We know what happened next.

But when Jo Cox MP was murdered a week before the EU referendum, though it was clear that the killer was utterly nutso and had a long history of illness, the same liberal media dubbed him a "Brexit killer" and blamed everyone from Nigel Farage to Priti Patel for his crime. Odd that, is it not? And the media establishment wonder why ordinary Britons see them as part of the problem not the solution.

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