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Crooked Hillary Clinton poll lead is evaporating as predicted: UK liberal media in denial

Tom Winnifrith
Tuesday 9 August 2016

The liberal British press and the BBC/C4 have spent the past few days delighting in reporting that the Donald Trump campaign for President is in meltdown. This must be about the zillionth time that the press pack has assured us that The Donald could not hope to win a single primary/primaries that matter/the GOP nomination or the White House.

The liberal media has been wrong all along, reporting what they want to happen not what is happening, and so I would not bet the ranch on them being right this time.

Even the most dismal of candidates, and that would be a fair description of crooked Hillary, gets a post convention poll bounce. And for Mrs Whitewater, that bounce was assisted by Reuters changing its poll methodology, moving the goalposts in a way that boosted the Dems. But whatever the BBC says, that poll lead is - despite a string of Trump gaffes - shrinking from + 8 a week ago to +3 in the most recent poll. That is within a margin of error and it shows that the Clinton bounce is fading.

If Trump could manage to avoid any foot in mouth moments for a while, Hillary will sink fast as she is goofing on a daily basis. Meanwhile there seems to be more mayhem from Julian Assange, providing new damning emails, on the way.

I have noted before that the only thing that is consistent about crooked Hillary other than her mendacity and the fact that she is about the only woman in America not shagging Bill Clinton, is that in every campaign she fights her poll ratings always go only one way. The more the voters hear from Hillary, the more they find out about her, the more they dislike her.

This contest is far from over and if a liberal offers you long odds on The Donald winning please put $100 on for me.

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