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BBC mourns and lauds ISIS poster girl Kadiza Sultana: Like everyone else I celebrate her death

Tom Winnifrith
Friday 12 August 2016

It appears that Kadiza Sultana, one of the three schoolgirls who left Bethnal Green to join ISIS in Syria has been killed in an air strike. At this point are you weeping? Me neither. I feel sorry when innocent folk in Europe or in Syria and Iraq get butchered by ISIS. I feel sorry for the women rounded up for rape camps by ISIS. I look at the sickening executions and despair of humanity. I view ISIS as repellent. So Kadiza is not someone i mourn. The world is a better place without her and if - like so many victims of ISIS - her death was slow and painful then I really don't care. Well done to the Russians for taking her out.

We are told by her family - including a father who attended radical Islamofascist demonstrations in London - that she was taken in by propaganda when she headed out East two years ago but that she had now seen through that and had wanted to return to Bethnal Green. Her lawyer told the BBC that she was a "young girl with a promising future" and her sister said "she is now in a better place" and none of this went unchallenged.

When Kadiza headed out East the media was already, and had for many months been, full of graphic images of war crimes committed by ISIS which were barbaric. Kadiza saw that and signed up for ISIS anyway. And she allowed herself to act as a recruiting sergeant for these barbaric scum.

I can understand why she might have decided after a while that life in Raqqa was not a bundle of laughs but she was aware of enough of what ISIS did before she left that she cannot have claimed that it was a complete shock

Heading off to join ISIS is not like going to Ibiza for the summer. When you go to a holiday island, knowing that it is a shagtastic place where drink and drugs flow freely, you have fun, what goes on tour stays on tour and you come back. Heading off to Raqqa where you know gays get chucked off tall buildings, where there are daily public executions and other fun provided is different. The Western media has given us all a full insight into the Raqqa gig so you can't sign up as a Holiday Rep for ISIS and then just come back and say "nothing to do with me". What goes on the ISIS tour does not stay on the ISIS tour and the tour guides you see before going to Raqqa are explicit in their content.

Like 99% of the population I wake up this morning and think "one less ISIS supporter - good news". Kadiza's family want their grief respected and for us not to comment on the death of their daughter. The BBC might play ball but in doing so it ignores the 99% of us who today think as I do. Kadiza was not a victim of ISIS like the folks in Nice she was part of it. What do the bloody liberal media not understand about that?

Sorry Kadiza's sister but the truth is that she is not in a better place. If there is a God, he or she knows that Kadiza signed up for evil and will be judged accordingly. If there is not her mangled body lies in a pile of rubble and the family should know that while the people of Britain grieve for the victims of ISIS in Nice we do not grieve for this evil young woman. As a member of ISIS she had blood on her hands and her death is good news for the world. The world is a better place without her and anyone else who signs up for ISIS.

The family lawyer might say that Kadiza had a "promising future" but her evil past means that was never true. You sign up for ISIS you sign up on the side of evil, you have no future in a civilized world. The BBC should have pulled him up on that rather than giving him a platform to suggest that one can go work for ISIS for a year or so - like a Gap year - then just come back and there is no harm done. That cannot be allowed to be the case.

That the BBC, funded by the poll tax license fee, is respecting the wishes of the family, that it is allowing the lawyer to praise this girl without challenge is wrong. She is no victim, her family are no saints and are misguided in their belief that their daughter is in a "better place" now. The family has no moral compass and that the BBC sides with them, with the lawyer with the apologists for terror shows again that it is not fit for purpose. It speaks for almost no-one in Britain on this issue not because it is supporting an unfashionable but just cause but because it is appeasing a truly evil one.

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