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The British liberal Media wants to bury Trump so ignores the polls - The Donald is surging

Tom Winnifrith
Friday 19 August 2016

The British liberal media and many of its ideological cousins from inside the Beltway want Donald Trump to lose the Presidential election and so all pretence of impartiality is out of the window. Right now the media is ignoring the latest Clinton scandals and Crooked Hillary's refusal to come clean on her health issues. Instead the narrative is of Trump failing so badly that senior GOP figures want him to withdraw, a campaign in chaos. The only problem is that this is just not true.

The latest poll out in the LA times shows crooked Hillary on 44% and Trump on 43.4% - a gap which is way inside the margin of error. Just five days ago the gap was 46.3% for Mrs Whitewater and 41.6% for the Donald. This poll uses a methodology which tends to show less violent swings than other polls but what you should care about is the trend. And that is clear: la Clinton falling, Trump rising.

For almost a week the Donald has managed to avoid making a single gaffe. Without any foot in mouth moments he has gained steadily. Meanwhile we have President Obama drowning in his $400 million bribe for Iran hostage scandal (not reported by the liberal British media) and Hillary facing more email leaks showing what a crook she is and how corrupt is the Clinton Foundation and still dodging the issue of her health - again none of this reported by the liberal British Press. As I have noted many times, the pattern of all Hillary campaigns is the same. The more folks get to know about her the less they like or trust her. It will be the same again in 2016.

The mainstream media may not report every Clinton Scandal but that is another reason why so many voters ignore the Deadwood Press and buy fewer and fewer papers each year. The sans culottes hate the established media as much as it hates its bedfellow the established political elite and we, the people, now get our information elsewhere.

This contest is wide open and Trump is not panicking for a good reason - he can win. Sure, right up to polling day the BBC or loathsome beltway warrior Kylie Morris of C4 News will be able to drag out some Country Club GOP bore to say that Trump is a rotter and that he is voting for his fellow establishment figure, Crooked Hillary. But outside the Beltway and the big liberal Cities on the coasts the anger against the establishment is mounting. And that bodes badly for crooked Hillary.

PS: I penned a piece yesterday, seven reasons why Clinton must not win and you can read that HERE

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