The pious sanctimony of the loathsome Keith Vaz as the taxpayer takes it up the arse again

Tom Winnifrith Wednesday 7 September 2016


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I do not care a jot that Keith Vaz offers to buy coke for young men who he pays to have unprotected anal sex with. Nor do I care that reports are emerging showing that his pattern of behavior is not a one off. I feel sorry for Mrs Vaz who must be feeling very confused right now, not knowing which way to turn. But Vaz himself has no shame.

The oily old windbag has a history of sinning normally in the cash for favours department and in any normal job would have been fired years ago. But Vaz is an MP. And so yesterday he stood down from the Commons Home Affairs committee which he chaired. Naturally he said that he was doing so "for the sake of the committee"" not for himself you understand, Vaz makes this noble sacrifice for others because he cares. What a saint.

And naturally his fellow MPs on the committee lined up to praise the sacrifice of this respected figure and towering statesman. What planet are they on? Outside the Westminster bubble we see Vaz for what he is: a chancer, a rogue and a sleazy hypocrite who wants drugs (poppers and coke) and prostitution to be illegal while enjoying those secret pleasures himself. One might wonder if his fellow MPs have anything to hide? Once again the political class unites across party lines to look after one of their own and show themselves to be out of touch.

As for Vaz, he has no shame. He remains an MP and sits on Labour's NEC. He is not standing down from the NEC or as an MP. No doubt he expects that after serving a short period of penance he will, as before, bounce back. Meanwhile he will carry on earning a vast salary as an MP which you and I as taxpayers provide, engaging in curious property trading as a sideline while denouncing as many people as possible for being racists in his unofficial role as the witch-finder general of the racism industry.

Oddly, Vaz and his fellow MPs wonder why 99% of the population view everyone inside the Westminster political and media bubble with complete contempt? This is the Vaz who despite living 37 minutes from Parliament in a multi million pound family home claimed expenses for a flat in Westminster. Now we have some idea why he needed that second address.

It is the taxpayer who has supported the lavish lifestyle of Vaz for many years and who will quite clearly continue to do so. What is the only difference between the British taxpayer and Mr Vaz's rent boy friends? They get paid by Vaz to take it up the arse. We have to pay for the privilege.

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