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The Mrs is back in Hospital - has anyone got a "Junior Doctors are greedy bastards" badge?

Tom Winnifrith
Wednesday 7 September 2016

The baby has again turned around and so the Mrs is back in hospital. as we are now only five days short of due date I guess this is the final stint. I am finding it very hard to bite my lip as I experience the NHS first hand.

The nurses and doctors all seem to wear badges saying things like "Save the NHS" or "I support the Junior Doctors". I am tempted to ask "Save the NHS from what? Another year of inflation busting funding increases? Losing its place as the world's fifth largest employer? Being unable to cope with all those ghair removal operations for transexuals? Coping with reports in the Guardian that it has too few black and women senior managers? I know this most politically correct of organisations is apparently sexist and racist which is why, according to the Guardian, it is not better managed. You could not make this left wing shite up could you? But it is a pleasure to see them all squirming to be the most PC kid on the block.

Naturally I do not quiz the staff but a bit of me wants to get a badge saying "Junior Doctors are greedy bastards" or " I stand with the bottom 98% of who pay the wages of fat cat doctors in the top 2% who are still bleating as they are greedy and, on 40 hours a week max, lazy bastards." Maybe that second message would not fit on a badge but you know what I mean don't you?

What happens next to the Mrs? The junior doctor said that she did not really know enough about the subject. Great, have a pay rise love. So we must wait for a consultant to do his rounds. He was not there yesterday afternoon. One assumes he was doing some private work to top up his £137,000 a year NHS pay. Or perhaps he was taking his son back to Eton. Or off at the golf course. But he is doing a round this morning. What time? On that matter, as on much else, the junior doctor seemed unsure. We all know how busy consultants are don't we?

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