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Ron Howard is backing Hillary Clinton "Scoop" - Can SkyTV's Sophy Ridge be more stupid please?

Tom Winnifrith
Saturday 17 September 2016

It seems that the BBCs Kuenssberg & Maitlis are not the only ones claiming bogus scoops this week. SkyTV pundit Sophy Ridge tops up her earnings with a column in the Metro in which, this week, she reported on a freebie visit to Abbey Road Studios to meet Ron Howard as he plugged his new Beatles movie. "He revealed for the first time that he would be supporting Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump: "You look at the resumes and you go with the person who has the degree. I think I would rather go to the doctor who has the degree on the wall."

Perhaps that is a somewhat an unfortunate metaphor given Hillary's recent issues. But the real issue is that what Ms Ridge says is patent bollocks.

Trying to find a Hollywood multi-millionaire who is not a lifelong registered Democrat voting liberal who supports every liberal "good cause" going is a near impossibility. The multimillionaires of LA like nothing more than getting in their jet planes to demand the Government spends more money extracted from poor folks to fight global warming/racism/poverty, etc etc. And who better to deliver on such lofty goals than Mrs Clinton Foundation herself.

Chuck Norris and Clint Eastwood and Ron Howard's brother are noted as being that oddball: a Hollywood GOP voter. But Ron himself is a solid Dem. He worked hard for Obama in both the last two campaigns and thus his support for Crooked Hillary is not exactly shocking. Nor is it new as Ms Ridge claims. Three minutes on Google and I bet that you will find Ron saying he would back Hillary back in 2013, that is even before she announced she was running. You can see ardent Democrat Ron shocking no-one, revealing he was backing Hillary for the first time, three years ago, HERE

Even Emily Maitlis would not say thanks for a freebie by dressing up three year old news as a scoop

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