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Media Spin - Let's mislead in Support of Crooked Hillary Clinton and Trump Bash - The i on Friday

Tom Winnifrith
Sunday 18 September 2016

Tabloid rag for lefties, the i, makes little secret of the fact that, like most of the liberal media, it backs crooked Hillary Clinton to beat Donald Trump. And naturally that means that it needs to spin for the old witch in its headlines and its articles. You may remember that Hillary had to stop campaigning last Sunday after her doctors said she had pneumonia. That was two hours after Hillary said she was absolutely fine with nothing wrong with her at all. Which was two hours after she collapsed but - oddly for a pneumonia patient - was kept away from hospital but encouraged to do photo opps with little kids instead. Confused? Like most Americans I know the Hillary narrative is horseshit. But back to the i.

You can guess its political leanings by the way that its business quote of the day in the Friday edition came from that well known entrepreneur and flag bearer for the private sector, Mr Jeremy Corbyn. Elsewhere it reported on the US election with the headline "Clinton joins "overweight" trump back on the trail."

Of course Trump never left the trail. His health is not an issue. Sure he carries a few extra pounds but he does not go around collapsing or having huge coughing fits. The only one who had to quit the trail for a few days was Hillary and it is her health that, whatever the liberal media says, is very much the issue. Well that and also the lies 99% of Americans outside Hollywood and the Beltway reckon she told to cover up her health issues.

But the i headline seems to imply that it is the Donald who has the problem. Whatever. Reporter Julie Pace buys into the pneumonia line without question and then asserts that the episode has "revived questions about the transparency of " both candidates about their health. So the 9/11 collapse by Hillary while the Donald looked on without breaking a sweat, was equally bad for both campaigns? What planet is Ms Pace living on?

The report ends with claims by Oxford Economics that a Trump win would cause US economic output to fall by $1 trillion by 2021. Yadda, yadda, yadda. Another liberal "expert". Anyone quizzed Oxford Economics about its Brexit predictions ( £21.1 billion of business investment lost by 2021, GDP 3.9% smaller by 2030) yet? Nope.

Those forecasts were bollocks as well and we ignorant peasants in the UK ignored them on June 23 just as most Americans will, on November 8, ignore the dire warnings about Trump from liberal "experts" with a proven track record of getting it wrong. But Julie does not bother noting how Oxford Economics is a hot bed of liberal bias that, history shows, could not forecast the best way to tie a shoe lace, instead she just quotes it as a "leading forecast company".

I wonder do even Julie Pace and the staff at the i believe the horeshit Julie writes?

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