2815 days ago

Crooked Hillary Clinton is coughing and staggering again - its not her health its the cover up

As I noted earlier Donald Trump is going to win on November 8 and one reason is that Hillary Clinton is a proven liar on a monumental scale and America just does not trust her. Like America I don't really care that her health is patently poor it is the cover up that shows that this woman is not fit to run a dog pound let alone be POTUS. Crooked Hillary has had another fit...


2828 days ago

Media Spin - Let's mislead in Support of Crooked Hillary Clinton and Trump Bash - The i on Friday

Tabloid rag for lefties, the i, makes little secret of the fact that, like most of the liberal media, it backs crooked Hillary Clinton to beat Donald Trump. And naturally that means that it needs to spin for the old witch in its headlines and its articles. You may remember that Hillary had to stop campaigning last Sunday after her doctors said she had pneumonia. That was two hours after Hillary said she was absolutely fine with nothing wrong with her at all. Which was two hours after she collapsed but - oddly for a pneumonia patient - was kept away from hospital but encouraged to do photo opps with little kids instead. Confused? Like most Americans I know the Hillary narrative is horseshit. But back to the i.