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Jon Snow of C4 News on Brexit - a patronising millionaire elitist bastard

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- Tom Winnifrith

Channel 4 News anchorman Jon Snow had the pleasure last night of interviewing a man who is not really a household name even in his own household, that is to say Tim Farron the leader of the Liberal Democrats. Farron was both inconsistent and uninspiring but it was Snow who made the real spectacle of himself, showing sneering contempt for seventeen million of his fellow citizens.

Despite the party name the Lib Dems are not big on democracy when the people annoyingly choose to vote the "wrong way". So they want another referendum on Brexit and even if that goes the "wrong way" they will carry on campaigning for us to rejoin the EU anyway. Snow is not a great admirer of referenda. He wants the Westminster political and media elite to chat among themselves to ensure that decision making is left to those who understand the real issues. And thus, in between farron droning on about this and that, the millionaire media darling Snow opined:

"surely the lesson of the referendum was that it was too complex a question to ask?"

Er..... no... Jon it was very simple. Do you want Britain to be in or out of the EU? That was it. You do not need to live in luxury in North London and work at the heart of the liberal media establishment to get it. We all understood the question very easily thank you.

Not only did folks understood the question but the polls since our Independence day show that more of those who voted to leave are happy they did the right thing than those who, like Snow, voted to stay. What Snow is really saying is that those who voted to leave ( i.e. the majority of us) can only have done so because they were too stupid to understand the complex and compelling reasons that the bien pensants, like Snow, had for staying. You know: things like avoiding World War Three, not making ISIS happy, not seeing interest rates surge while the stockmarket and house prices plunged and not seeing Britain getting thrown out of Eurovision.

52% of us simply did not get those arguments Jon so I guess we must be stupid. It is very good of you not to mention that we must also be xenophobic and racist as well you patronising liberal elitist bastard.


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