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Cressida Dick

308 days ago

However useless she is, Met Police boss Cressida Dick can’t be sacked as she is a woman say “campaigners”

The evidence of just how useless is Met Commissioner Cressida Dick has mounted iover the years. The shooting of that poor Brazilian chap should have done for her career. It did not. So many blunders have happened on her watch but nothing has ever stopped her rise to the top and her staying there. You might have thought that Police manhandling protesters at the Sarah Everard vigil might finally see her gone. But oh no.


315 days ago

Reasons to Despise the Police No 543: the Met virtue signalling on #InternationalWomensday

I do not despise Policemen or Policewomen. But increasingly I find ever more reasons to despise the institution that is the Police Force, especially Cressida Dick’s useless Met in the nige plagued cesspit that is London. All I want of a Police force is for it to act tough on serious crimes like burglary, muggings, rape and, in London, stabbings. Is that too much to ask? Are my views not reflective of what nearly everybody else in this country wants. Instead we get folks arrested for throwing snowballs or drinking a takeaway coffee alone in their car during lockdown. And now this…


414 days ago

New poll shows most of us think Black Lives Matter INCREASES racial division, the Guardian dissembles, where now for BasketBall England and the Premier League?

Back in July polls showed that most folks supported Black Lives Matter. The few of us who pointed out that an organisation that wanted to defund Britain’s (unarmed) Police, end capitalism and the nuclear family and shut down jails while boycotting Israel was somewhat questionable, were dismissed by the liberal media elites as racist. They did not challenge the facts they simply smeared the sceptics. Those who dared to suggest that the late George Floyd was not exactly the heir to Mother Theresa were clearly alt-right freaks. The Premier League, BBC Presenters, Basketball England as well as the Metropolitan Police of Cressida Dick determined that we should all take a knee.  But times have changed.


1370 days ago

Hilarious Video: Mark Steyn tears the useless Metropolitan Police & hapless Mayor Khan apart on knife crime

Anglophile conservative columnist Mark Steyn is always very funny but this video on the quite pathetic combo of Mayor Khan and Cressida Dick's Met and its response to knife crime is a classic. As Steyn says, the Met wasn't always a complete laughing stock. It is now. Enjoy.