684 days ago

Some spam arrives from the chancer from Oxford Cannabinoid - roll up, roll up to Billericay Essex for Ecoinomy

I am not sure how these chancers have got hold of my email address and why they address me by my initials. I think this is spamming and the chance to invest in a crypto coin/NFT/cannabis play is something I shall pass on. But one name springs out - Gavin Sathianathan. The email is below.


825 days ago

Trans Day of Remembrance For the useless, fact ignoring, virtue signalling, poltroons at Essex Police

How many unsolved robberies, murders and rapes were there in God’s chosen county of Essex last year? I don’t know the answer but it is good that the Essex cops can take time off from tackling actual crimes to send out their tweets regarding Trans Day of Remembrance (#TDOR), one of the 109 special days for the 2.7% of the population who are LGBTQA+.Not only are the fuzz wasting resource with this pointless virtue signalling but ithe useless rozzers can’t even get their facts correct as one respondent to the idiotic tweet points out, as you can see below.


1168 days ago

For the ills of today…let’s blame Maggie Thatcher & misquote our greatest leader: meet the Reverend Felicity Baumflaugh

It is now more than thirty years since Michael Heseltine and a group of other traitors stabbed our greatest ever leader, Margaret Thatcher, in the back. I was on an underground train when the news came through. As it was heading out East to the great county of Essex, I kid you not that there were folks crying.


4238 days ago

Essex: Washing Powder from Greece

Different countries name the same brands in different ways. And so watching Greek TV this evening I looked very closely as I was urged to buy a washing powder branded “Essex”. I am not sure what this means to the average Greek, do they think that Essex is somehow a sophisticated, upmarket brand?

Do they associate Essex with uber-cool individuals like Graham Gooch, Fat Frank Lampard, Terry Venables and Jamie Oliver or perhaps it is John Constable they are thinking of or Jilly Cooper? Maybe it is the eloquent old charmer John Terry who has the pulling power? Or perhaps they have heard how the metropolitan elite like to spend the summer at Southend before returning to their country dachas near Romford?

But it strikes me that they should be flogging this stuff back in the county that also gave us Russell Brand, Ronnie O’Sullivan and Richard Madely. “Essex – The detergent that leaves everything looking whiter than white” – it would go down a storm in downtown Basildon.