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9 days ago

Tom Winnifrith podcast: The EU Elections, the UK & US elections and Ukraine

I start with the results in Europe and what they mean for Ukraine but also what they hint at in the UK and US elections. In the UK I believe that Reform is now ahead of the Tories in the North, the Midlands, Wales, East Anglia and the South West. I discuss its likely vote (large) and seats (small) and just how few seats the wretched Tories will win. In the US I discuss two now convicted felons: President Trump and Hunter Biden concluding neither conviction alters the November race much but the failing mental health of Hunter’s Dad is becoming more of an issue. I suggest that 4 states considered swing states are now firmly Republican while at leat two, maybe more, considered likely Dem are now “in play”.The polling data looks ever more grim for President Biden and his candidacy in November is increasingly less of a given. In Ukraine it gets worse and worse for Ukraine as I detail.


1641 days ago

Video: 17 million f*ck offs: my friend Dominic Frisby updates his classic post the election

Dom has updated his classic pro Brexit anthem to take into account what happened at the General Election. Enjoy,…..


1659 days ago

ShareProphets Election coverage: Vote Conservative says Councillor Chris Bailey

Over the next week or so we will run articles by supporters of the three main parties in Britain urging you to vote for their party. If you are some SNP supporting sheep molester or cottage burning Taffy and want to bleat about not having your say, tough. This is about parties that are serious across the UK ….and also the Lib Dems. Our first contributor was lifelong Labour supporter Brian Basham, now writer here and recently elected Conservative Councillor Chris ‘three brains’ Bailey writes:


1676 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: That Brokerman Dan can talk complete nonsense

In today’s podcast I start with Brokerman Dan on rising flood levels and global warming then it is onto The Daily Mail, Scottish Widows and sheer bollocks on the Gender Pay Gap. Then a look at the General Election polling and what it means for shares. Finally a look at Riverfort Global (RGO). You may hate what it does now but it is sustainable and the shares are bloody cheap.


1683 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: the stupidity of investors, ref Sirius and Brady

In today’s podcast I consider the view that the Tories are certain to win thanks to the partial withdrawal from the General Election fray of the Brexit Party. I look at Brady (BRY), Sirius (SXX), Infrastrata (INFA), Iconic (ICON), Tissue Regenix (TRX), Mereo Pharma (MPH) and Eco Animal Healthcare (EAH) which might just offer some value now.


1693 days ago

FREE Podcast: ShareProphets Radio Edition SIXTEEN with Tom Winnifrith: 5 companies that have lied to or misled investors & on a repented sinner, what was he to do?

There are no guests in this week’s show which is sponsored by Open Orphan PLC (ORPH). It is just me and I start with yet more repentance from me. Sorry if this is boring and repetitive but some folks just dont seem to get it. Then onto what the General Election means for investors. Finally a look at 5 companies which have lied/misled by act or ommission or just committed plain fraud and the common thread that links them all, well nearly all. If you like this and can’t wait seven days for more of the same and are tired of being a cheapskate you should listen to my Bearcast every day.


1695 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: a PE of 3 and some Brexit bollocks, don't be fooled

In today’s podcast I look at the looming General Election, at a pathetic excuse from Hargreaves Lansdowne (HL.) for not commenting on Neil Woodford, at Sound Energy (SOU), the ramp du jour Euraisia Mining (EUA), at the scandals at Tern (TERN) and Big Dish (DISH) and what they say about the institutionally useless FCA and AIM Regulation and at the profits warning from Empressaria (EMR). 


2308 days ago

The Liberal media says #Trump2020 is a busted flush - have they read the latest polls? Put your money on POTUS

The narrative of folks like the BBC, The Guardian, CNN in fact the whole of the liberal media elite is that Donald Trump should not have defeated crooked Hillary in 2016. Without admitting that their gal was useless they agree that next time around the Donald just cannot win, in fact many argue that he will not stand at all. But have they actually looked at the polls in detail? If they have, they ignore them as they churn out yet more fake news.


2567 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: the 40 year golden age of the entrepreneur is over: time to pack up

Having reflected on the General Election for 24 hours it is clear that the people have spoken. The national mood is ugly. Folks really do want to support "freefor" parties - whatever you want free for you. They want this funded by sticking the bill on the UK's credit card and by punishing the rich and by that they mean folks who risk their capital to start businesses. The mood is against us and it will get worse. The writing is on the wall. Up and down the country folks like me are thinking it is time to start packing it all in. 


2570 days ago

New General Election caption contest: Three apologists for murder edition

Caption the photo of these three apologists for terror. Sadly it is headshots only so does not show the blood on their hands. The deadline is midnight tonight. Post away in the comments section over at ShareProphets.


2570 days ago

I called it for Trump & Macron - here is my GE2017 party by party forecast - big Tory win

Everyone, including me, called the French election right, but I was one of very few who predicted a Trump win in the US. For my hat-trick I am now having a stab at forecasts for the UK General Election on a party by party basis. But first just a few general observations before I go onto what will be a night of triumph for the Tories.


2573 days ago

Jeremy Corbyn: U turn if you want to after London Bridge - I don't believe you!

Until yesterday the one thing we could all agree on was that Jeremy Corbyn was a man of principle. Okay he was on the wrong side almost always but the bearded old loon stuck to his guns. But it seems that with the election four days away he has announced a big U Turn. I can't think why. Oh yes, the General Election is four days away...


2583 days ago

Manchester Terror attack - its General Election Impact

This is a human tragedy, it is a mass murder, the story is of shattered and broken lives. However there is still going to be a General Election on June 8 and it is a legitimate question: will this attack make an impact? The answer I suspect is that it will though folks may consider it tasteless to speculate about it, it cannot be ignored. Terror attacks are just not good news for Jeremy Corbyn.


2620 days ago

General Election June 8th - Surely there is no doubt as to the outcome, there is no uncertainty now

Bloody Theresa May. There was I off work and she has just gone and called a snap General Election for June 8th. Time for everyone to panic?


2733 days ago

Great lines for New Year's Eve with the mad lefty friends of the Mrs, Marine Le Pen could be a winner

I have begged for a pass but it seems that I am committed to spend New Year's Eve with the deluded lefty friends of the Mrs, public sector workers the lot of them. The venue is, I think the house where the Mrs attended the 2015 General Election "victory party" which included that classic line "This can't be happening, I don't know anyone who votes Tory". I was almost sorry I missed that one.


2965 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Postcard - this is exactly why Donald Trump may well be President

The liberal media such as C4's beltway based Kylie Morris have written off the campaign of Donald Trump from the start. They were wrong - as I pointed out - and now he is 99% certain to get the GOP Nomination as lying Ted Cruz has dropped out. In this podcast I explain why Trump can call himself a Republican and why he can and may well actually defeat the loathsome Clinton woman in the General Election.


3330 days ago

Tom Winnifrith BearCast -May 7th

Hi apologies for the podcast delay, after a long trek down to the Mani I fell asleep. In this bury bad news on General Election day podcast I look at news from Red Rock Resources, African Copper and a laughable statement from SCS Upholstery. I also cover the China frauds, specifically Camkids and Naibu but also Sorbic, JQW, China Chaintek and Jiasen and have a message for Alan Green about a motorbike upgrade. And I cover New World Oil & Gas.


3333 days ago

Tom Winnifrith BearCast - May 6th

A relatively brief Bearcast today for reasons that I explain in full. But I do cover why Coms needs to fess up on a number of matters NOW and what happens tomorrow in the General Election. I should be up and running by 8.30 AM GMT from The Mani in Greece and will be writing and bearcasting from there for the next month.


3333 days ago

Thursday 7th May – a good day to bury bad news: how many profits warnings?

Tomorrow morning as the General Election polls open I shall be sitting in sunny Kalamata preparing to head out to see the snakes at the Greek Hovel. Fear not Theo Clarke (Con) and Perry Hicks (Con) my postal votes are already in. But on this day many in the City will be away from their desks trying to get the vote out and many investors will be looking elsewhere. In the words of a Labour spin doctor on 9/11 “it will be a good day to bury bad news” and I am told that a number of companies are already planning to do just that.  However…


3335 days ago

Bulletin Board Winner of the Week #18 announced – it is a tie

Until the General Election is finally over, we are allowing both idiot comments by MPs or political figures as well as by Bulletin Board Morons to be entered in this contest. And as such we have a tie for the most moronic posting of the week.


3336 days ago

Why I have already voted Conservative

We continue our series on why various ShareProphets writers are voting for a range of parties on May 7th. I asked for a postal vote and so I have already voted and I voted Tory. Since I view the entire political class with contempt the main reason for voting Tory was to annoy my Labour voting wife. But there are actually three more serious reasons why everyone should vote Tory in the General Election.

Come May 8th the Government with either be a Labour/Scottish Loons coalition or Labour propped up & blackmailed on a vote by vote basis by the Scottish loons. Or it will be a Tory led coalition with the Lib Dems.

Britain is hurtling towards bankruptcy. All the talk of austerity 


3336 days ago

Weekly postcard #110 - thoughts on the death penalty and a plea to UKIP supporters - vote Tory

I was struct by the executions in Indonesia this week. Aged 47 I have finally been convinced that the death penalty is wrong and explain why. There are a few thoughts on the futile war against drugs and then a plea and an explanation to any folks thinking of backing UKIP. Think again, vote Tory in the General Election.


3340 days ago

More free booze, food, PR birds and Galanatas Gold, OPG Power & Savannah Resources on offer on May 6

Want to drown your sorrows 24 hours before the General Election? Want to visit the food and drink bank for the investing classes, chat to a couple of fluffy PR birds and hear presentations by three PLCs? It is nothing to do with me as I shall be in Greece but if you are in London?


3343 days ago

Bulletin Board and General Election Moron of the Week - Round 18

By popular demand it is back but for the next two weeks we add a General Election twist. As ever the rules are simple. Filthylucre and Bananabob cannot post their own comments on this website as entries as they are just too good. But any other comment on a Bulletin Board or twitter is eligible.  But we also allow you to post any comment made by a politician during the Election campaign which is self-evidently ludicrous and unjustifiable. The most ludicrous or idiotic statement wins. We knew Vince Cable would come in handy one day. Although that mad Aussie who leads the Greens gives crazy old Vince a good run for his money.

For this week any comment from today until midnight next Saturday is eligible. Please note that articles written by Sith Lord Zak Mir are not eligible for inclusion as whilst all charting is nonsense, Zak should not be singled out for opprobium and he keeps a small portion of society entertained with his burblings. Tweets by Jim Mellon are also barred as we know he cannot be serious.


3343 days ago

Bulletin Board & General Election Moron of the Week (17) announced

Maybe I did not make the General Election element of this contest clear. Merely pointing out policies that do not stack or the general duplicity of Call Me Dave or insanity of Vince Cable/The Greens does not win – we need a specific quote that is self-evidently insane.  Please do better this week HERE. And thus the winner of last week’s contest is…

A Bulletin Board Moron, in the absence of any real political entries. Well done to Grindertrader for spotting this gem from the LSE Asylum


3347 days ago

This house believes that if you own shares you should vote Labour in the General Election - UK Investor debate video

To the cockney boyz 4-3, To the cockney boyz 4 -3! After a resounding victory this year, I am now one ahead in my annual show debates against my very good friend Richard Poulden. The motion this year was "This house believes that if you own shares you should vote Labour in the General Election". Comrade Poulden won the toss and elected to speak in favour of the motion, I opposed.


3353 days ago

If you own shares you should vote Labour: The Poulden vs Winnifrith debate on Saturday

Some last minute changes to the schedule for UK Investor this Saturday the 18th include the annual Richard Poulden vs Tom Winnifrith debate which this year is in a 100 person room on the 3rd floor (the stands floor) not on the main stage. The Motion is “This house believes that if you own shares you should vote Labour in the General Election.”

Richard won the toss


3356 days ago

Andrew Monk of VSA Resources promises to emigrate if Labour wins...Reasons to back Red Ed No 1

I see that Andrew Monk of VSA Resources is today saying that he will emigrate if Labour wins the General Election. Normally Jim Davidson makes a similar pledge. That almost makes me tempted to back the People’s Party. Just wondering who else has promised to leave the Country if the Reds triumph on May 7? If any one of:

Simon Cowell


3357 days ago

Postal matters

I hope that I am not too late but yesterday I posted, first class, my postal vote application for the General Election. The Mrs had offered to post it but given her track record of Labour dirty tricks (not including me on the electoral register) I declined that offer. And so, assuming I have applied in time, I am off.

Meanwhile the Mrs, the woman formerly known as the deluded lefty, received a card in an envelope with a stamp showing the face of Britain’s Greatest ever Prime Minister, Baroness Thatcher. I told the Mrs to throw away the card but to treasure the envelope. She was not amused.




3364 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - General Election lies

This is not the most important election ever. It matters little who wins. None of the parties are going to do anything about the big issues of slashing spending on welfare, the pensions ponzi, education or the NHS. All will continue the UK's slide to insolvency. None understand who creates wealth. That is the subject of today's podcast.