Monday August 21, 2017
Photo Article from the Greek Hovel - I'm happy to pinch ideas as a magnificent new doorway takes shape
Al Gore's new global warming scare film bombs because the facts show the Nobel Prize was awarded for a lie
Congratulations to nephew D on winning a place at Britain's second best University - it was 31 years ago for me


Diary of a diabetic - should I start drinking again to beat the disease?

23 days ago

…I now drink almost no alcohol as I battle to keep type 2 diabetes in check by keeping my blood sugars down. But … the study does not address how for those who have type 2 diabetes drinking affects its control. Secondly those who …


Photo Article - Dessert Gooseberry Crumble, not so good for the diabetes but...

37 days ago

…crumble is perhaps not ideal for tackling my type 2 diabetes but it prompted the Mrs to say, without any need …


Diary of a diabetic Day 6 ( second time around)

78 days ago

…quick note on my blood sugar levels as I battle type 2 diabetes. Yesterday i reported how the trend was my friend …


Diary of a diabetic - all over the shop with the blood sugars as Diane Abbot lets down her fellow sufferers

67 days ago

…I really do not understand this type 2 diabetes. T here was I celebrating several days within a …


Diary of a diabetic day ..whatever: a disastrous week

99 days ago

…are up. I can feel a couple of the symptoms of type 2 diabetes making a minor comeback. Last night, for … your own choice. However, the reason that I have type 2 diabetes is that I do not have great will power when it … as if it does not matter. She does not have type 2 diabetes which was "raging off the scale" just weeks ago. …


Diary of a diabetic - day whatever: in normal range, but its see you in a Greek Court Bitchez!

68 days ago

…blood sugars measured 15.3 and I was told that my type 2 diabetes was raging out of control. It has been a long …


Considering my own mortality as the man fondled my testicles

32 days ago

…hard at my diet over the past few weeks. So my type 2 diabetes is well in check and i was able to report that as … name i cannot remember which is linked to the way type 2 diabetes causes you to piss more often than normal. My …


Diary of a diabetic day 5 ( second time)

79 days ago

…was joined in Greece my by wife and her family my type 2 diabetes control went badly off the rails. In the ten days … right way. The good thing is that the symptoms of type 2 diabetes, most of which a gentleman does not discuss on …


Photo Article: Grilled Octopus supreme - diary of a diabetic day 16

124 days ago

…lunch which I know is not the way that a man with type 2 diabetes should behave. There is no need to lecture me. …


Diary of a diabetic day 21: Trousers now a real issue - they are falling down

119 days ago

…suffer while eating like a horse as a result of type 2 diabetes. This is weight loss caused by burning more …


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