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89 days ago

Photo Article from the Welsh Hovel - coming to the end of our winter food

Last night, the remaining squashes stored from the Autumn went into a stew. Today at lunchtime we ate the last of the winter potatoes seasoned with almost the last of my dried herbs, some rather miniscule sprouts from the winter crop and a small cauliflower from the same vintage,all of which you can see below. The last of my stored apples were used to make an apple sauce for a joint of pork.


94 days ago

Photo article from the Welsh Hovel - doubters eat your words, first radishes appear

There were some who suggested that planting raidishes on the last day of January was doomed to failure. I suggest an apology is in order as the photo below demonstrates. The next line of radishes goes in in two weeks time along with a couple of other early vegetables. Meanwhile I still have some winter sprouts, a cauliflower and a bit of cabbage to harvest. It is a non stop production line here.


255 days ago

Photo article from the Welsh Hovel - harvesting the onions and garlic, part one

So far I have done the easy bit, the hard yards come in about ten days time. But this is a big harvest. For cultural reasons – the Mrs being of Indian descent – we use quite a bit of garlic and onion in the cooking here and if I have got this right we will not be heading to the shops for supplies all winter.