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Photo Article from the Welsh Hovel - coming to the end of our winter food

Tom Winnifrith
Sunday 20 February 2022

Last night, the remaining squashes stored from the Autumn went into a stew. Today at lunchtime we ate the last of the winter potatoes seasoned with almost the last of my dried herbs, some rather miniscule sprouts from the winter crop and a small cauliflower from the same vintage,all of which you can see below. The last of my stored apples were used to make an apple sauce for a joint of pork.

There are still some sprouts left in the garden and one more small cauliflower plus a few cabbages. And I have some frozen beans and spring onions and other beans and peppers stored in oil as well as the last of the onons and shallots as well as some carrots stored in sand boxes. But,I concede, that home grown supplies are now almost running out.

However, the first radishes of 2022 are thriving and should be yielding within a few weeks and yesterdayJoshua and I bought some broad bean seeds and some garlic for planting later this week. The cycle begins again and,ambitiously, I plan to expand production so that this time next year we will still have plenty in store. 


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Tom Winnifrith is the editor of When he is not harvesting olives in Greece, he is (planning to) raise goats in Wales.
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