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54 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Malcolm Stacey failing as a bear and why the Caracal scandal is so huge and matters

I refer at the end to a podcast on the Northern Ireland census I recorded today. Honestly it is more interesting than it sounds and is HERE. I start with Malcolm’s failed career as a bear and where blue chips and small caps go from here. Then onto our bombshell on Caracal (GCAT) today HERE and all the other red flags and why it matters that the FCA acts on this one.


78 days ago

Lies, damned lies and census statistics from the heroic Peter Tatchell

For his work campaigning for LGB rights when nobody else was and for his heroic support of free speech, Peter Tatchell is a great hero of our time. But when it comes to Maths he really should go to one of Rishi Sunak’s planned brush up classes.


117 days ago

Fewer than half of Brits are Christians census fury but atheists, like Cambridge bisexuals, see the light in the end

There is much wailing as the results of the 2021 Census are published and so that for the first time in almost two thousand years the majority of folks in England and Wales do not identify as Christian. Well sort of, many of the supposed godless are just like Cambridge University bisexuals. They will see the light sooner or later. Let me explain on this day before Advent.