194 days ago

Photo Article: The green tomato glut means its chutney time at the Welsh Hovel

Last year I had an apple glut so there was stacks of apple chutney. This year’s apple harvest has been dire. I have enough to put in storage wrapped in newspaper on an apple rack to fill Joshua’s snack bag until Christmas. Having emptied the tree, under cover of dusk, at Joshua’s school, I have enough for two more runs with the still and to make about ten litres of apple juice which I might bottle up tonight. And there were a few cooking apples but its been a piss poor year.


560 days ago

Photo article from the Welsh Hovel - two more ways to use Green Tomatoes without resorting to chutney

The fried green tomatoes continue to win rave reviews from the Mrs and myself and so we enjoyed another batch yesterday after the arrival of two large bags of “old fashioned cornflour” with a big picture of what used to be known as a Red Indian on the front of each. I suggested that the flour might have been produced by Native Americans but the Mrs, a woman once known as the deluded lefty, gave each bag a dirty look, suggesting that – like the Washington Redskins – a makeover was needed for these enlightened times. I think I shall order some more bags to ensure we have a lifetime’s supply with the current design.  Meanwhile, I have more of the green tomato glut to deal with, without resorting to chutney as we already have more than one winter’s supply of apple chutney.


563 days ago

Photo Article from the Welsh Hovel: a spoiler from the Mrs as first apple chutney produced

Gettig folks to eat apples here at the Welsh Hovel is something of an ask. Which is an issue as we now have two apple orchards and also a highly productive cooking apple tree. I just hate things going to waste. We are now past the blackberry season so there can be no more blackberry and apple crumbles. Rhubarb and apple? Maybe that will work.


565 days ago

Photo Article from the Welsh Hovel: Culinary triumph - fried green tomatoes

I do not want you thinking that all my tomatoes are green. We have been enjoying tomatoes that are ripe and red and orange (depending on the plant) for five weeks and as you can see in the top photo below have enough to be storing some in Greek Hovel olive oil for use later this autumn. But I would be lying if I did not fess that the 20 or so plants I have grown this year – some from seed others donated as small plants by friends – are not now bursting with green tomatoes. Not more chutney, surely, is there another way?


567 days ago

Photo Article from the Welsh Hovel - First batch of chutney complete

The bottle marked vodka contains, of course, apple juice. Producing at 6 litres a day, I am rapidly running out of glass bottles so if anyone locally has any spare I will happily swap eight empties – which you were going to bin anyway – for one full of apple juice. There is a suggestion that the next batch will be apple and damson juice. It is worth one experimental run.