drinking coffee

1102 days ago

Things that became racist in 2021 No 569: sacking a librarian for burning library books

I know that burning books by authors who were disapproved of in some way might have been fashionable in 1930s Germany but most folks today would see it as a not altogether progressive act. But it seems that among some progressives, it seems to be an act that is coming back into fashion. Among the new liberal book burners is Mr Cameron Williams, a librarian.


1103 days ago

Things that became racist in 2021, number 345: the Mediterranean Diet

It joins a long list: drinking coffee, knickers, sand, covid, the covid vaccination programme, Dad’s Army, paying tribute to Tom Moore, dating a person of colour, not dating a person of colour, eating fried chicken, fancying Priti Patel or Rishi Sunak, the list goes on and on. But the Mediterranean Diet is not only racist but it upholds white supremacy as well!


1117 days ago

Things that became racist in 2021 - remembering the death of Captain Tom Moore

It joins a long list. Knickers, bras, drinking coffee, Dad’s Army, dating a person of colour, fancying Rishi Sunak, not dating a person of colour are all racist as are so many other things. And now joining an ever expanding list is remembering and marking with respect the passing of the late Captain Tom Moore. You have been warned. It offends at least one person so is almost certainly a hate crime. Don’t do it!


1130 days ago

Things that are so racist in 2021 that they kill black people - Covid vaccine packaging

Add it to the list of things we must shun like knickers, bras, sand, covid itself, drinking coffee, women’s hockey, dating people of colour, not dating people of colour, the film Grease, etc, etc etc. The source of this latest shocking expose is the career Euro loon Femi Oluwole. Apparently Boris Johnson has blood on his hands for insisting that covid vaccine packaging is so racist that BAME folks will refuse to take it. You could not make this stuff up.


1139 days ago

Today's Orwellian Covid Cops are in Avon & Somerset - man fined for eating a kebab in a car

Britain’s Police forces are increasingly drunk on the new lockdown powers they have been given by our airhead, but authoritarian, Home Secretary Priti Patel. My family and I managed to break five of her daft laws today with acts that have seen fines handed out by cops from various forces in recent days, such as sitting on a bench or drinking a cup of coffee, without the Rozzers catching us. But some poor sap from Bristol was not so lucky. His crime is shocking.


1148 days ago

Things that became racist in 2021 – No 1 Dad’s Army

We start 2021 as we left 2020 – the year when drinking coffee, knickers, sand, women’s hockey, covid, dating a person of colour, not dating a person of colour and numerous other things became racist. First up this year is that old favourite Dad’s Army (the version starring Clive Dunn, Arthur Lowe, Arnold Ridley etc.).