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Suicide, white privilege and the patriarchal hegemony – ONS data out, DO NOT discuss the facts

14 days ago

…that in merely flagging it up one is a sexist and racist.  It is a truth one should not discuss. …


The left's favourite economist Stephanie Flanders tells porkies about poverty in the UK

43 days ago

…more. Facts are probably, in this case, deemed racist. Nobody will dare to flag up the facts instead …


Michael Vaughan vs Shamima Begum – why the BBC does not speak for me, part 567

66 days ago

…and anti Semite Azeem Rafiq that Vaughan made a racist remark to Asian players in 2009. That allegation …


Christmas & Pride Month in Brighton: This is all to do with Offence

84 days ago

…that non whites were not Christian was a racist generalisation but settled for pointing out that …


Fewer than half of Brits are Christians census fury but atheists, like Cambridge bisexuals, see the light in the end

110 days ago

…That is a red herring from swivel eyed racists. The percent who are Moslem is up from 4.9% in …


The liberal media runs scared of the mid-terms Red Wave – denial on BBC Woman’s Hour

133 days ago

…the American dream but the Dems tell them it is racist to oppose unlimited immigration. So what about …


Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - in smearing Richard Jennings as a racist via the Mail on Sunday, Ironveld exposes how it broke AIM Rules 10 & 11 and why its bosses should be fired & sanctioned

214 days ago


The US Abortion clock: shameful dishonesty from “pro choice” baby murderers

265 days ago

…of birth control. And, of course, the ruling is racist, hence the particular anger and trolling of … vs Wade.  According to liberals, the move is racist because c. 20 million since 1973 were performed … babies born, and would welcome that. Is it really racist to support the idea of more black babies being …


Greece – still lockdown loving covidiots

336 days ago

…only a few weeks to discover that covid was also racist. Moreover, Greece has managed to fare worse than …


The Guardian's take on one black multi-millionaire hitting another on TV - it's all about white racism natch!

354 days ago

…This furore is all about white folks all being racists and any white person daring to express a view on …

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