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Polly Toynbee - an article that sums up the out of touch metropolitan liberal left elite - no contact at all with dirty plebs

19 hours ago

…she never mixes socially with the smelly, dirty, racist, ignorant working classes for whom she pretends …


Kevin Maguire a St Georges Day knobhead in action on a day I celebrate by trying to get Northern Ireland tickets

18 days ago

…the left wonder why calling working class folks racist and suggesting that, uniquely in this country, …


Things that became racist in 2021 No 136 – inviting your nearest and dearest to your own funeral

22 days ago

…chicken and so much else besides, can de deemed racist as well. …


Things that became racist in 2021 – No 133 Evergreen Trees

26 days ago

…Since everything is racist it was only a matter of time before conifers … at the school know that evergreen trees were racist. As the Portland Public Schools Board of … and professional race baiters work out just how racist trees can be. Meanwhile I look with a growing …


Things that became racist in 2021 – No 132 Cheese

26 days ago

…remember that cheese was first exposed as being racist back in 2020 along with sacking sacking a … and Hove City Council said: “Arguably, there is a racist element to serving dairy too much because 65% of … minority ethnic) community.” To deal with racist cheese and milk, which was slated as racist and … And who can argue now that we know that cheese is racist? As it happens Ms Plaumer’s vegan diet may …


The Church Bells Ring Once again this Easter Sunday but I am not answering the call to prayer

37 days ago

…out the imaginary legions of homophobic and racist demons within its ranks, it is more and more …


This really is my last word on ghastly Meghan Markle

54 days ago

…of lies and suggested that they were a bunch of racists. Poor Meghan, she is always the victim, she must …


Joy Behar shows why you should not take history lessons from liberal celebs, especially on Nazis!

61 days ago

…Family are all Nazis, which means they must be racist as Meghan claims. For starters, there is Prince …


If you are shown to tell one lie, folks should arrive at only one conclusion – ref Meghan Markle

61 days ago

…questions Meghan must be a lacky of the Palace, a racist or both. The racist assumption is surely to … most hurtful as it smeared the Royal Family as racists. The porky I refer to is that Archie was not …


I am fat, I caused my own covid. Those who slammed "fat shaming" you caused covid too

62 days ago

…is now, according to Oprah and Meghan Markle, a racist thing to do. Those who have slated the fat …

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