Photo Article: Lake Vyrnwy yesterday - spot the drought!

170 days ago


This week's Welsh Reservoir levels and the global warming cultists having it both ways

245 days ago

…I was somewhat sceptical. And thus I have visited Vyrnwy since, taking photos of a very full lake, a s you … of 73.1%. here in Wales they lump Lake Bala, Vyrnwy and a few small lakes together and capacity as at …


The global warming myth from Lake Vyrnwy – will the MSM GroupThink apologise now?

421 days ago

…last August the Mainstream Media flocked to Lake Vyrnwy, here in North Wales, to show an old village … run average. But what of North Wales, the Dee and Vyrnwy reservoirs? All of these reservoirs are grouped … but most of the water is in Llyn Tegid (Bala) and Vyrnwy and capacity levels as at the 23rd were 94.1%, up … As such how about the MSM send cameramen up to Vyrnwy to take pictures like those I shot not that long …


Back to Lake Vyrnwy, the parched Welsh lakes & The Guardian warning of dried out rivers – anyone guess the latest data?

447 days ago

…August of last year the sight of a parched Lake Vyrnwy in the hills about an hour from where I live was … is it. Here in North Wales the reservoirs at Vyrnwy and on the Dee (mainly Llyn Tegid or Bala …


After two nights of global warming falling here in Wales – the latest reservoir data is out and exposes the cultists yet again

520 days ago

…August 2022 they seized on images of a dry Lake Vyrnwy up in the hills above us and told us all that we … East Wales, the reservoirs of the Dee and Lake Vyrnwy are lumped in together and the water stock rose … a hot summer in 2022, that what we were seeing at Vyrnwy was evidence of long-term climate change, that is … singled out are higher than ever. And even at Vyrnwy the ever rising levels are hardly indicating …


Another week of rain here in Wales and in the North West of England for the global warming nutters to ignore: new reservoir data in

527 days ago

…insisted that August resevor levels at Lake Vyrnwy about an hour from me here in Wales, were a sign … announced in seven days. But what of the Dee and Vyrnwy reservoirs? The water tables are well and truly … and rivers. So it is no shock to see the Dee/Vyrnwy reservoirs rising by 2.1 percentage points to … data shows that was bunkum as do my photos from Vyrnwy on Sunday. The cultists will say “but it …


Tom Winnifrith Photo podcast: Lake Vyrnwy and the GroupThink myth of global warming here in Wales

530 days ago

…In August 2022 Lake Vyrnwy, about an hour from where I live in Wales, was … Media will report it. ShareProphets · Lake Vyrnwy and the GroupThink myth of global waring here in …


Think back to July and August and those parched Welsh lakes like Vyrnwy – where are the media & the cultists now?

577 days ago

…reservoirs losing water. The posterboy was lake Vyrnwy, a Welsh reservoir created in the 1880s which … warming had not yet been invented. So how is lake Vyrnwy doing now? Oddly, just three months on, the press … 79.3 Pennine Sources 63.2 +2.8 84.8 Dee & Vyrnwy Reservoirs 64.7 +4.5 80.8 As you can see two of … is broadly the same and two including Dee & Vyrnwy are below 2021 levels but are catching up. This … where I live. And it is no reason to believe that Vyrnwy will be much different. The Utilities website …

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