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Remember how the cash-strapped National Trust promised not to be so woke? #BoycotttheNationalTrust

455 days ago


Tim Parker quits as National Trust chairman but nothing will change

489 days ago

…Sir John Winnifrith, once Director General of the National Trust, would be spinning in his grave at the latest …


My Grandfather spins in his grave again and would sadly conclude that it is time to #BoycotttheNationalTrust which he once ran

564 days ago

…My grandfather, Sir John Winnifrith, loved the National Trust and was thrilled to be its Director General … concluded, as do I, that the only way to save the National Trust is for a mass boycott. Money talks. And lack of …


Christian Aid & the Samaritans can feck right off, they will not get a cent of my cash

623 days ago

…Samaritans follow other organisations such as the National Trust in pushing a woke agenda, their ability to raise …


The Top 30 Most-Read Articles on in 2020

635 days ago

…article: Another reason why the National Trust would have my grandfather, Sir John Winnifrith, …


A final last redoubt of the discredited Black Lives Matter Movement - the BBC

666 days ago

…Manchester University. Also doing its bit is the National Trust. But the strongest supporter is, of course, the …


Sir John Winnifrith spins in his grave again as the National Trust appears to double up and cover up its woke BLM blunder

666 days ago

…I have been noting the various ways that the National Trust has pursued a costly woke agenda, alienating its … of how to deal with the crisis in which the National Trust finds itself are cheap and could be implemented …


The death of the National Trust – boiled slowly like a frog in woke water: Tim Parker and BLM

683 days ago

…John Winnifrith, a former Director General of the National Trust, to spin in his grave. Slowly, the organisation … but a man of faith and straightforward views. The National Trust was there to save old buildings so that the … of the rest of us.  The vast majority of the National Trust’s 5.6 million members would have been … heading to a better place.   By the time the National Trust wakes up to the real cause of its self inflicted …


A woke BBC reports on the woke National Trust slavery & colonialism apology with fake news

734 days ago

…The National Trust has finally published its widely flagged report … Sir John Winnifrith, was director general of the National Trust. He also served in Churchill’s war bunker … by Godfrey Kneller (1646/9–1723) in the National Trust’s collection depicts Lucy with an … Fonthill Abbey (which is not owned by the National Trust). Beckford’s immense wealth derived from … Lane then brought back some souvenirs. The National Trust automatically assumes all British military action …


Go woke go broke: The National Trust takes a knee for BLM and fails its history GCSE big time

761 days ago

…and organised by the American branch of the National Trust. Its theme was the links between slavery and … National Trust properties. Although Madge and I disagreed a … global history for thousands of years,” the National Trust said. “For 400 years, white British people, … from engaging in the slave trade. So while the National Trust likes to suggest that we evil white Britishers … a picture of a selection of ivory trinkets from a National Trust house: “By the mid-1800s, ivory exports …

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