A British Jew in her sixties describes how she feels today – in short terrified

134 days ago

…When folks like Ash Sarkar, Yanis Varoufakis, Peter Tatchell, various BBC and Guardian journalists and …


The National Trust celebrates Pride, my Bennite grandfather Sir John Winnifrith spins in his grave again

242 days ago

…working for that cause. I have donated to the Peter Tatchell Foundation. If I want to help old buildings I …


Peter Tatchell define unanimous as in 75% - it is not drag that offends anyone, it is overtly sexualised shows in front of kids

336 days ago

…I see my hero Peter Tatchell is tweeting a headline from the Pink News on how …


Peter Tatchell proclaims the end of "heterosexual dictatorship" but , as has happened before, his maths dubious

354 days ago

…The great civil liberties campaigner Peter Tatchell is, as I have noted before, not the greatest …


Tom Winnifrith postcard - the data lies you are being fed by the BBC and others: Northern Ireland does not want a United Ireland

402 days ago

…to another data manipulator, the LGBT campaigner Peter Tatchell HERE . But this is about Ulster and how you are …


Lies, damned lies and census statistics from the heroic Peter Tatchell

410 days ago

…was and for his heroic support of free speech, Peter Tatchell is a great hero of our time. But when it comes to …


The woke shall devour the woke, it is always the way: 48 Wonder Women bingo and Oxfam

849 days ago

…Greer and the heroic gay rights campaigner Peter Tatchell might find themselved “no platformed” on British …


Absolutely Loving Hating Peter Tatchell

903 days ago

…I challenge even those who dislike Peter Tatchell, who loathe his methods or who just don’t …


Remember how the cash-strapped National Trust promised not to be so woke? #BoycotttheNationalTrust

968 days ago

…given money to a fine organisation such as the Peter Tatchell Foundation.  Grandpa spins in his grave. …


My Hero Peter Tatchell goes all Guardian on we mask refuseniks - what happened to free speech & liberty Peter?

971 days ago

…via Adolf Hitler. And I am sorry to see my hero Peter Tatchell who has done more to fight for freedom than …

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