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Absolutely Loving Hating Peter Tatchell

24 days ago

…I challenge even those who dislike Peter Tatchell, who loathe his methods or who just don’t …


Remember how the cash-strapped National Trust promised not to be so woke? #BoycotttheNationalTrust

90 days ago

…given money to a fine organisation such as the Peter Tatchell Foundation.  Grandpa spins in his grave. …


My Hero Peter Tatchell goes all Guardian on we mask refuseniks - what happened to free speech & liberty Peter?

93 days ago

…via Adolf Hitler. And I am sorry to see my hero Peter Tatchell who has done more to fight for freedom than …


LGBT - becomes LGGBDTTTIQQAAPP: whatever!

167 days ago

…who are behind this but I bet even my hero Peter Tatchell would struggle, without a guide, to tell me what …


My Grandfather spins in his grave again and would sadly conclude that it is time to #BoycotttheNationalTrust which he once ran

199 days ago

…campaigning which is why I have donated to the Peter Tatchell foundation. But I accept others may not wish to …


Everybody deserves a lawyer however rotten or evil they are – the harassment of Dinah Rose by the woke warriors

241 days ago

…legions including, I am afraid to say, my hero Mr Peter Tatchell who want Magdalen to sack her. I hope those …


Go woke go broke: The British Legion advertises for a "Head of Diversity & Inclusion" at £55,000 per annum - no more poppies for me

307 days ago

…to Woodlarks, Shipston Home Nursing & the Peter Tatchell Foundation. Is that diverse enough I wonder? …


First they came for the Brexiteers, then they came for the conservatives and when they came for Suzanne Moore there was no-one to save her

310 days ago

…in favour of it or against it. Moore, my hero Peter Tatchell, Germaine Greer are all folks who at one stage …


As we celebrate Transgender Remembrance day I wonder when is Christian Martyr Remembrance Day?

311 days ago

…who have been killed for being trans. My hero Peter Tatchell tweets: RIP! #TransgenderDayOfRemembrance. In the …


A woke BBC reports on the woke National Trust slavery & colonialism apology with fake news

369 days ago

…owned plantations. Cripes I have got a photo of Peter Tatchell in my study… does that make me gay? …

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