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The Mainstream Media will be the big losers from Trump vs Clinton as the big lies are exposed

Tom Winnifrith
Sunday 16 October 2016

On the BBC today, liberal media establishment poseur Andrew Marr stated that Donald Trump is what everyone is talking about. By that he meant Trump and "pussygate" and by everyone he meant the mainstream press. But is that what most folks are talking about and is that what the mainstream press should be talking about.

The narrative from the liberal media is that it is all about pussygate and that as a result Trump is crashing in the polls with even most Republicans hating him.The more scandal that emerges the more Republicans will hate him and pretty soon we might see civil war in the GOP. The only problem is that none of this is true.

Very recent polls show that c75% of registered Republicans will vote Trump. And that 76% of registered Dems will vote for crooked Hillary Clinton. The truth is that both candidates are not wildly loved by the party faithful. We knew that. Certain GOP leaders like Paul Ryan have moved to distance themselves from Trump. I am not sure that their cowardice will be respected by the electorate come November 8. If i was Paul Ryan I'd be awfully worried that a lot of Trump diehards will vote Dem and against him just to punish the spineless creep. I would.

But the polls that matter are the National polls. Watching ITV news last week i was being told that Trump was being squashed in the polls. But the two most recent nationals show Trump & Clinton tied (LA Times) and Trump 2 points ahead (Rasmussen). All polls show Trump gaining last week. The idea that Trump is being beaten out of sight really just does not stand up to any scrutiny.

But it fits in with the wider attempt of the media to tell that tale, something we saw writ large with the truly awful Emily Maitlis poll lies on Newsnight last week, which I "Fisked" HERE.

The media is also running a new pussygate story almost every day. Some of the more recent ones are barely credible and others just media storms about nothing of import. Yet that is what Marr and his colleagues want to talk about although the actual opinion polls - as opposed to the made up ones the media talk about show that pussygate is now wearing off. The voters cannot be shocked any more. They are pussygated up to the limit and new stories really just play to the narrative of an unhappy electorate who do worry about a stitch up between big business and the political and media elites desperate to preserve a status quo which is not helping ordinary Americans one iota.

It is not just the Trump bashing that is striking but also the way that the British liberal media and the mainstream American press is failing to tackle really very serious allegations and leaks concerning crooked Hillary. Her campaign manager saying that she views ordinary Americans with contempt, her role in covering up Bill's alleged rapes, affairs and the abortions he organised, what she said to the Goldman Sachs banksters in $250,000 Wall Street speeches about conning the electorate with bogus promises, $1 million donations from organisations linked to terror to the Clinton Foundation, Bill's illegitimate black son, the list goes on and on and on. But has the BBC reported on even one of these news items of the past ten days? Nope. Not a squeak. And the mainstream US media is also playing its part in a cover up. These matters are at least worth of investigation are they not?

But there are enough non mainstream TV and online channels who won't play ball and who are covering these stories. So Americans not only know about them but are angry with a liberal establishment that is closing ranks to protect one of its own, that is to say crooked Hillary. It is rather like the way that the BBC showed clear bias in the run up to Brexit. It was just so obviously one sides that many folks not only opted to ignore it but opted to say "fuck you" and vote for Brexit.

When Andrew Marr says "it is all about Trump" he exposes himself again as a pampered and overpaid member of a privileged club. We did not buy the lies of folks like that ahead of Brexit. Don't bet the ranch that Americans will buy the lies on November 8 either.

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