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The child refugees at Calais who are adults or far worse

Tom Winnifrith
Sunday 23 October 2016

I am still utterly confused as to why a 13 year old boy from the Calais Jungle was allowed to enter the UK because his father, a Jihadi, who entered the UK illegally, lived off benefits for five years and goes back to Afghanistan for holidays has somehow claimed asylum. Surely his father should be given the order of the boot as we really do not need to offer asylum to Jihadi murderers and thus his son has no right to enter the UK. What am I missing?

But what of the hundreds of other children at Calais? There are some who say that none should be allowed in as they are not refugees, they lost that status when they entered the first safe country, somewhere like Turkey. That is surely callous in that some of these kids really do have their closest living relatives living in the UK. They should surely be re-united as families. I am not sure the same applies when the UK relatives are distant relatives, surely the moral imperative of reuniting families must have a limit? Ist cousin maybe, 3rd no way.

On the other side of the fence are rich liberals like Gary Lineker and Lily Allen who blast as racists anyone who say we should not rush to take in all those claiming to be kids. The Mail today carries a harrowing tale of one such liberal who offered shelter to a 13 year old. He turned out to be 21, a jihadist and a nonce who threatened to kill her kids.

Now folks like Lily Allen, and my wife,. will say "If it is in the Mail it is not true." Actually most Mail stories are true and hard home office data shows that a very high percentage of those migrants claiming to be kids are, in fact, over 18.

Those like Lineker giving a free pass to any migrant claiming to be a child are just naive. But then again if you live on a posh neighbourhood and use private schooling for your kids and healthcare for your family you will suffer none of the adverse results of that naivete. Folks like Lineker can be pious and its risk free for them. For the rest of us it is a harder call.

PS Not a lot of people know this but Gary Linekeker was given free shares by his best mate in the biggest stockmarket fraud for 30 years, that is to say Quindell - a fraud the regulators thanked me for busting. Gary sold those shares making a profit of more than £3 million. What good cause has Gary donated his ill gotten gains to? Er...himself. Smug sanctimonious bastard that he is.

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