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Don't Tell the BBC or C4 but Donald Trump is now leading in some opinion polls

Tom Winnifrith
Sunday 23 October 2016

Crooked Hillary Clinton is still the favourite to win the November 8 Presidential Election. But her allies in the liberal media who refuse to air damning video exposes - such as this one - showing how she is just not fit to run the Dog Pound let alone be POTUS, are already pondering what outfits to wear for the victory party. The media is telling you that the contest is over and if you are a Republican you might as well not vote as your party is imploding. Au contraire my God Fearing, gun owning, tax paying, hard working friends in the conservative family.

The GOP will win both the House and the Senate. Moving on it is just not a given that crooked Hillary will defeat Trump. Most polls of the past week still show here well ahead by 4.5 points. But:

a) the lead is slipping post debate three which - near all polls say - Trump won. It is also slipping because there is more and more damning evidence of her criminality emerging which voters are noting despite the mainstream media refusing to give it coverage. Indeed that only makes the Trump line of a conspiracy more credible, it helps him. I ask you reading this in the UK, has the BBC, ITV or C4 once mentioned this week how senior Clinton officials have had to quit because they were exposed committing electoral fraud (see HERE). You see what I mean?

b) I am sure that shy Trumpsters are making the polls unreliable and that could easily drive a 2-4 point swing.

c) This is the killer. Some polls are now putting Trump ahead. In fact the last FOUR national polls out on either Saturday or Friday were: IDB Trump + 2, LA Times Tie, IDB Trump + 1, Rasmussen Trump + 2.

I am not saying Trump is ahead but I sense he has momentum and that it is very tight indeed. Meanwhile the liberal media insists that the GOP is collapsing and that it is a Dem slam dunk all the way down the ticket. We shall see.

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